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Kidzania KL With Cousins

thanks to atok, my boys khaleef and kahfi get to have a day of fun at kidzania KL last july with their cousins haiqal, haqeem, cuya, nuna and ica. there were 2 sessions, and the kiddos went for the afternoon session. there were lots of drama, excitement and few surprises too like with kahfi and modelling!

my sister syimot and I accompanied the kids at kidzania, while azi took care of kazim. thanks azot!



khaleef sporting a kidzania dubai t-shirt


the kids did many fun jobs and awesome activities; but these are just a couple of interesting things that happened hihi :

1) kahfi CRIED on the first job

the first *job* that they applied for at kidzania KL was a pilot for air asia. (in kidzania dubai it’s emirates airline). kahfi started crying first for no apparent reason other than he simply doesn’t want to line up with other kids away from mommy, to be a pilot. arghh! I was like a crazy mom, “go be a pilot! be a pilot! later you can be the fireman! GO BE A PILOT!” haha. it didn’t work. he cried harder and I had to take him out of line.

and then berjangkit. the youngest of them all ica pulak cried like mad.

in the middle of it all, I applaud my eldest nephew haiqal for being a very responsible abang – he went out of his long line just to comfort kahfi, and then ica. luckily the ‘air asia officer’ let haiqal go back to his line. well done, haiqal!



while kahfi & ica went out of the line, the others happily waited to be an ‘air asia pilot’!


* * *


2) the kids SEPARATE into 2 groups : the boys, and the girls. plus kahfi. haha.

since the older boys can do a lot more jobs and have more patience waiting in long lines than the younger girls (and kahfi! haha) so we decided it was better that we separate and let the boys do the older-kids-jobs while the girls do kiddy stuff like making ice-cream or biscuits.



‘the girls team’ plus kahfi huhu. kahfi, cuya, ica & nuna at the ‘vitagen factory’. seronok betul dapat tengok vitagen klua dari machine tu!


so haiqal, haqeem and khaleef went their way, while we brought cuya, nuna & ica to jobs or activities that did not need a lot of waiting around. and since kahfi was also restless, haha so he followed the girls.

we advised haiqal to watch the time and meet us back at such and such place at a certain time. alhamdulillah everything worked well and everyone had a great time in their own pace.



the kids at the ‘ice-cream factory’


3) let the kids DO their job!

I wasn’t too keen on this particular activity (ice-cream factory) simply because the staff there did EVERYTHING for the kids. the only thing the kids did were to wear the apron and hats, stand still and watch, and then eat the ice-cream. that’s it.

the staff did all the mixing and stirring. it’s ok to help, of course – but no DO everything for them.

I thought kidzania is all about hands-on experiece; to let the kids be independent and get a taste of what happens in that particular profession by doing things themselves. ape guna kalau orang tu buat semua benda. baik pegi kat baskin robbins kat luar sana sama jugak.

we saw jars of yummy chocolate rice, jelly beans and colorful sprinkles on a cupboard in the ‘factory’ and we thought that they could probably choose their toppings and sprinkle it themselves. but NOPE. nothing. so we paid for that particular activity simply to take pictures of our kids in apron, and for them to enjoy a small cup of ice-cream.

harap pihak kidzania KL take note ye. terima kasih!


* * *



prisoner botak escaped from kidzania prison!


* * *


4) most ‘delicious’ job – jadi minah and abang burger! but ica cried again!

in kidzania dubai, khaleef was able to be a pizza guy making pizza and then eat it hot and fresh from the oven. but here in kidzania KL, there’s burger making at marrybrown (which is a famous msia brand in dubai!)

I could see that the kids enjoyed this the most because it’s easy (clear steps of what to do first and next) and of course afterwards the got to enjoy the yummy burger. kahfi was seen hopping and jumpin at his spot – so excited with his burger!

and while waiting for his turn he said, “this is for you mak!” referring to the chicken burger. aww sweet!



ica was not in the picture coz she cried even before they prepared the burger. so we took her out but the nice friendly staff said he would make the burger for ica since we had already paid for hers.



my adorable cheeky nieces nuna & cuya


after making burgers, the girls and kahfi tried modelling! and while they were practicing their catwalk, my sis syimot stayed with the girls while I looked for the boys. incidentally they were right next door – it was their turn to make burgers! so I stayed with them taking pictures.

they had to sit through a documentary about marrybrown before they get to make them – and the staff use this time to fry the burgers so that it’ll be hot and fresh by the time the kids wrap ‘em. the burgers were not fried beforehand.



the boys khaleef, haqeem & haiqal enjoying their time flipping burgers at marrybrown


* * *


5) what nuna & cuya REALLY wanted to do : FASHION SHOW! and kahfi enjoyed it too!

throughout our time at kidzania, nuna had always wanted to do fashion show. and we finally went as our final activity for the day before calling it a day. sempat jugak!

the activity is simply to be a model, and the works – pick an outfit, practice catwalk on the small runway, and the big show at the end where the kids do actual catwalk on a big stage!



supermodel nuna strutting her stuff on the runway during practice


I’m not surprised how enjoyable this would be for the girls – dressing up, parading on a stage while looking cute and people around you clapping – but I didn’t expect kahfi to enjoy it very much too! it was too funny that this was the same boy who cried so hard because he didn’t want to be a pilot!

can you spot him in the picture below. yah he’s the only boy there…




and we’re glad that ica enjoyed it too. no more crying. no more restless. during the actual catwalk on the big stage, the kiddos showed all sorts of different *styles* :

  • cuya followed the exact line while walking, but she was really robotic hihi
  • nuna walked like a true gedik supermodel haha, but line ntah kemana 
  • ica walked a little bit and then stopped not knowing what to do – the sweetest thing was the whole hall was cheering for her, just as we cheered for their sons and daughters. really nice atmosphere
  • kahfi lagi la ke laut – he was not even walking; when the mc called his name, he was hopping plus jumping plus dancing weirdly – everyone in the hall was laughing. aiyo! anak sape la tu!

final note, I would really like to applaud the kidzania KL staff handling the poney fashion show that day (I wish I had gotten her name, but at least I got her picture kat atas tu hihi) who was really enthusiastic, keeping the kids hyped-up too. all kidzania staff should have that same energy because it’s a kids place – should be upbeat, energetic and exciting. kudos to you, young lady!

kalau muka macam baru gaduh dengan boipren budak-budak pun takde mood!


* * *


6) oreo-making is for 8yr plus? how about the 4yr – 7yr old fans of oreos!

I was frustrated to see that there’s an age requirement to make oreos – that deliciously sinful choc biscuit with sweet white filling that every kid loves! kesian kahfi and the girls were not ‘qualified’ to make oreos. susah sangat ke





anyways, the boys had a great time making those delicious biscuits as their final activity for the day. I absolutely LOVE their dark blue chef hats. comel sangat!


* * *


and so it was the cousins’ eventful day of fun at kidzania KL, courtesy of atok! thanks so much atok! next year belanja lagi ye kih kih. and thanks mak su and uncle faiz for babysittin little kazim!

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amirah said...

bestnya kidzania ni..seronok depa kan. lagi sebab atok belanja rasa macam diri sendiri pun teringin nak buat semua benda..huhu

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