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Kazim Fell Down : Broke 3 Teeth! The Best Care @ Ipoh Specialist Hosp

before you freak out, this is an old story. happened last ramadhan in ipoh. he’s absolutely fine now. but this story needed to be told so that years from now, teenage kazim can look back on his younger days and say, “man, it was wild! did that really happened to me?” alhamdulillah, it was nothing more serious than that, and today his lips show no sign of ever being stitched up!



kazim at the emergency ward at ipoh specialist hospital, waiting for dato’ dr r. gunasegaran. it was nearly midnight


it happened last ramadhan in ipoh, kat rumah abah. the chronology of events :

  1. that night kazim fell down the stairs, blood all over his lips as he has broken 3 teeth
  2. I discovered a white thingy on his lower lip – a freakin TOOTH is embedded INSIDE his lower lip! (I cannot imagine the pain for my little kazim)
  3. quickly called my eldest sis yong, crying, asking her to help drive us to to ipoh specialist hospital
  4. yong waited for us, as we waited for the doctor (who will stitch up kazim’s lips) to come
  5. dato’ dr gunasegaran came and checked. took out the embedded tooth, and said kazim needs to stay the night – tomorrow they will do the stitching
  6. yong drove back to abah’s house, took my phone charger, extra clothes and anything I needed and came back (THANKS SO MUCH YONG!!! for everything!)
  7. my elder nephews haiqal and haqeem slept at atok’s house to temankan khaleef and kahfi
  8. didn’t sleep a wink – spent the WHOLE night whatsapp-ing with mr khairul who is still in dubai at the time (THANKS FOR YOUR COMFORT HONEY!). but alhamdulillah, so relieved to watch kazim able to sleep so soundly



I love the setting for the pediatric ward at ipoh specialist hospital. so cute and welcoming for kids not feeling well. you’ll see later pictures of the whole children’s ward – simply adorable!




kazim is, officially – one tough cookie.

he did not cry AT ALL at the hospital despite waiting while there’s a TOOTH embedded in his lower lip! he only cried when dato’ dr gunasegaran took the tooth out from his lip. after that, it was all fine and he was back to normal eventhough there’s a BIG cut on his lip after the tooth is taken out. tak sakit ke si kazim ni!

once he’s tucked in, I let him watch bugs bunny and he easily slept after a few minutes. senang je. my baby kazim was really tough!



that’s where I sat the whole night. like I wrote – I didn’t sleep; couldn’t sleep. I spent the whole night whatsapp-ing with mr. khairul who was still in dubai at the time. I just need the comfort. I only slept an hour after subuh prayer. the stitching would be at 8am the next morning. it got really cold in the middle of the night – thank goodness for blankets!



since I didn’t plan to stay the night, and it was really kelam-kabut, I didn’t think of bringing any food for sahur. the very nice nurse at the children’s ward gave me a cup of milo and this packet of butter crackers for sahur. alhamdulillah.



the next morning at 8pm kazim was wheeled to the operation theater.


dato’ dr gunasegaran explained to me beforehand – anesthetic would be applied, and then the stitching will be done by him.

it was an overwhelming nervousness and fear for my little one seeing him in the little hospital gown, helplessly limp in that baby cot. berdoa so that Allah protect kazim.

again, my tough and cool little kazim simply lie quietly while waiting for the surgeon. you can see the swollen lips. my heart sank seeing him like this, but he was the one who helped me relax since he didn’t show fear, or merengek-rengek. HE was the one so relaxed. so proud of him!



my little cool kazim


to me this was the worst ‘accident’ that has ever happened to any of my boys; but at the back of my mind I can’t help thinking, while saying countless alhamdulillah – this was actually just a small cut on the lips – imagine all those mothers accompanying their children because of broken legs, accidents that made them loose their eye-sight, or melecur burn, or terminal illness like cancer. may Allah grant strength and patience to all these courageous mothers. 

I can only say alhamdulillah again and again, because kazim only lost 3 teeth!



alhamdulillah stitching done smoothly. kazim got some adorable transparent balloons from the awesome staff at the operation theater


ipoh specialist hospital is the best. I thought that the staff at the children’s ward were extra nice because it’s a ward for children and they need to be a cheerful place for their little patients.

however, when I went to the operation theater, the staff over there were also cheerful and friendly eventhough it’s very early in the morning, and it’s a serious place where surgery takes place. such a commendable group of staff. and such a positive atmosphere surrounding the patients.

every hospital staff should emulate this kind of attitude! patients coming to seek treatment are already in pain physically and emotionally, and it’s this kind of positive attitude and warm reception that make the difference – big or small.


* * *


here are some of the pictures I took of the children’s ward at ipoh specialist hospital. so cute and welcoming!



the staff information counter is in the form of a fort of a castle. lovely!



an aquarium with of course, nemo



fantastic colorful mural on the wall



LOVE the ceiling – trees on walls that ‘grow’ high up to the ceiling



a section for boys, or girls who likes autobots and voltron!



the place they keep the fire extinguisher was elaborated into THIS!


* * *




this was taken a few days after the stitch-up. you can see that the lower lip was still swollen, and hints of dried blood too. kazim was supposed to eat nothing but porridge or nestum – something soft and mushy but my tough little kazim demanded koko krunch. he gobbled them up carefully but surely, avoiding the stitch, and he was as brave as he can be.

at the time of writing, you can’t even see any sign of stitches. the broken teeth are still there – the dentist told me that the remaining teeth in the upper gum would fall off naturally in due time.

thank you dato’ dr gunasegaran for your kindness and expertise. thank you to my eldest sis yong and abah for all your help throughout this ordeal. thank you to tok li and wan cik for visiting your grandnephew at the hospital. thank you mr khairul for being there with me in spirit and in whatsapp. hihi. thank you ALL!



Anonymous said...

kazim took the "most gruesome incident" award from Khaleef.



amirah said...

oh myyyy...siannya kazimmm. i just can't imagine if i were you kak. i think i m the one yg pengsan atau nangis lebih kot...huhuhu..just can't bear benda2 cenggini..sian kazim. hope he's ok by now

Syigim said...

>> anon (honey), kazim mmg one tough cookie. like his bapak. *love*

>> amirah, mmg nangis2 dah... nasib baik masa tu kat rumah atuknya. ade la maklong nk tolong drivekan :) mak dah xleh pikir ape.

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