Monday, July 15, 2013

Crazy Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae & Table Topic @ Ben’s KLCC

ramadhan has started. my boys were with my in-laws that day so it was time for me to jalan-jalan on my own. I lepak at klcc to meet up with my sisters syida and azi for berbuka. later that day I went home with azi and pajama partay at her place. huhu.

ok we picked ben’s klcc. wanted chilli’s but there was an insane line of people outside chillis and it was only 3pm! berapa jam tu nak tunggu waktu berbuka!



nice, bold quote on the wall inside ben’s. ‘to eat is to love’. oh well then I LOVE to LOVE!



also in love with this simple yet adorable seating. yellow is my favorite color! my sisters said that this is actually more of a ‘waiting’ area before you’re ushered to a more comfortable cushioned seat inside. however, since it’s berbuka time, it was full house inside. we got a seat here instead. fine by me!



the menu is quite ‘colorful’ – with choices of local or western cuisines. from laksa to lamb pie and all sorts of steaks and chops. I like the ‘handwritten’ menu. looks so lepak.


* * *


sorry ben’s but your food is not what I’m keen to review in this post – coz what’s really interesting about ben’s KLCC is this little box on each table, with little square cards in them. they’re labeled TALK and COOK.

the COOK cards contain recipes, while the TALK cards has these interesting questions.

it really caught my eye, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen such an idea really taking place at a restaurant. I LOVED it! such thoughtful idea to encourage patrons to TALK with each other instead of getting lost in each other’s smart phones.





more restaurants should have this box of cards with questions : such interesting questions that would lead to interesting conversations. particularly helpful if you’re on a first date, or out with a new friend or colleague – nervous, out of topic to talk about – these cards would definitely help break the ice!

some of the questions are : ‘if you joined the circus, which act would you want to perform?’ – well, definitely wanna perform the magic show!

‘what was the last item you regretted buying?’ muffins that turned out to be too sweet.

‘what do you think about when you’re brushing your teeth?’ I think about how hard I need to brush to get rid of that curry taste from dinner haha.

best kan!


* * *



I don’t feel like eating the many, many pasta choices in the menu; and steaks are too expensive for my budget that day – so I picked this simple ‘traditional fish and chips’ meal for berbuka at ben’s that day. it’s a simple dish, but I’m not too picky when it comes to the things I do like – as long as the fries are fat and crunchy on the outside, coleslaw juicy and creamy, and the fish battered fried not bread-crumbs – it’s a fairly acceptable plate of fish & chips.



syida ordered the lamb pie – delicious! big portion of filling and the crust of pie is not to crumbly. I would order this again. with fries on the side.



azi went italian and picked the spaghetti carbonara. this dish is as good as it gets – creamy, cheesy and tasty.



since it’s puasa month, we got complimentary air sirap selasih – which takes me back to my school days where we have one particular stall selling this exact same tadpole-in-rose-syrup drink. I love sirap, but don’t really like the ‘tadpoles’ so mine was the one with the least amount.



the ‘macadamia cheesecake sundae’, in a glass.


this is what ben’s is best for (at least for my sisters, and especially for the desert-freak syidot – they can come to ben’s JUST for this) it’s this messy cup of delight filled with sticky sweetness. cut-up cheesecake, combined with vanilla ice-cream – filled to the brim, along with some crunchy macadamia nuts and top with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

well, it’s good but I’m just not a fan of caramel! I LOVE cheesecake, of course and the cheesecake-ice cream combo is good – a change from having brownies with vanilla ice-cream. however, I can’t get pass the caramel.

we sisters shared this cup of goodness, and that’s sweeter than any sweets!


* * *


I love the setting at ben’s – might just come again to try a different dessert, and maybe a pasta dish this time.

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