Thursday, July 4, 2013

Atuk Holiday With Cucu @ Royale Bintang The Curve

Atuk Sharifuddin had planned to treat his grandkids for a day of fun at kidzania. to add to the fun, he got each of us rooms at ‘royale bintang the curve’ hotel for to hang out during that weekend. it was such fun (and SO much noise) when the kids go in and out and run along the corridor as our rooms are right next to each other on the same floor.

chaotic! thanks atuk!

also, since aunty gim was by herself with her kiddos in her hotel room (uncle khairul was still in dubai at that time) my room was the headquarter to lepak, makan donuts and make more noise. great!



atok at royale bintang the curve lobby with all his 9 grandkids (excluding youngest one baby miqail) that’s two eldest cucu haqeem and haiqal at the back, little adam in green sweater and lil kazim right next to atok. then atok’s only three granddaughters cuya, ica & nuna. and dubai boys kahfi & khaleef. alhamdulillah dah 10 cucu atok sharifuddin!




the complete picture of 10 members of Kelab Cucu Atok Podin including baby Miqail in black ed hardy bib



compulsory activity : pool time at royale bintang the curve. more chaos!



atok buying tickets for cucu’s fun time at kidzania. for haiqal, haqeem, khaleef, kahfi, cuya, ica & nuna. thanks so much atok! they had an awesome time!



abah, umi, anak menantu dan cucu-cucu. one of our BIG family dinners while we’re staying at royale bintang the curve. little penang café the curve (review soon!). it’s been awhile since we gathered this many together at the same time, dining out! the only ones not around were faiz (working) and mr khairul who was still in dubai.




comot time at aunty gim’s room. they’re munching j co donut and I’m addicted to their nestum-topped donut!



see what I told you about them hanging out and buat bising at aunty gim’s hotel room?



us sisters with kiddos and abah & umi. thanks so much abah for such wonderful weekend!


it was one awesome weekend hanging out with abah umi, my sisters and nephews nieces at royale bintang the curve while jalan-jalan makan-makan at the shopping mall, knowing that we don’t need to face the crazy traffic and mad dash to find parking space at the curve. hihi. the hotel is practically part of the curve building!

we had dinner with abah, went up to our room, and could still find time later that night to run down to have supper with my sisters. such awesome time.

lets repeat this, tapi kat dubai pulak, amacam abah? kih kih.

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Anonymous said...

Mee udang you anything kalahkan Salwa mee udang kat Teluq Kumbaq.

Yup, honestly.

--Hardcore Penang food critic.

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