Friday, July 26, 2013

Iftar @ Impiana Hotel, Ipoh : Kak Yong Mislia’s Treat

she has one of the most colorful personalities and a positive attitude. she’s an avid traveller and she’s my eldest sister’s sister-in-law. kak yong mislia, thank you for your treat last ramadhan in our beloved hometown ipoh – treating the whole family berbuka buffet at one of the hotels in ipoh : impiana hotel.



that’s my eldest sis yong holding her youngest son adam. her eldest son haiqal is on her right, and kak yong mislia is the one behind



it’s a buffet for berbuka, so definitely no time to take pictures because you’re hungry, you’re in a hurry, and you’re rushing to get that freshly-fried cucur udang along with a lot more hungry people. haha. I only managed to capture this shot because the cucur udang at impiana hotel is the best!



the kids totally enjoyed the iftar – especially since there was an ice-cream stall where they can freely take any scoops they want! pardon me for being a naughty mak haha but right before berbuka I make sure the younger boys are *equipped* with bowls full of ice-cream so that mommies can eat in peace when it’s berbuka time! (from left : adam, kazim, khaleef, kahfi, haqeem, haiqal, cuya, nuna & ica)



(from left : nuna, cuya, ica, kahfi, haqeem, haiqal, kazim, adam & khaleef) thanks for the yummy treat kak yong mislia! I enjoyed our conversations about your extensive travelling and stories you picked up along the way. hopefully I can host you again in dubai!


amirah said...

seronok cousins ada ramai2 mcm ni...

Syigim said...

amirah, masa kecik mmg kecoh sgt2 smpai mak2 sume pening. harap2 dah besa bole tolong2 mak2 pulak goyang kaki ;)

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