Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bendahara, Panglima, Laksamana, Temenggung & Sang Puteri

my abah may have 10 cucu already, and my bapak-in-law has only 5 – but the noise, chaos and cheekiness is no less!

with four boys and one girl is enough to bring down the house!

eldest cucu khaleef is super chatty, kahfi has a super shrill voice, kazim just makes unnecessary noise whenever he likes, baby khairy can be LOUD when he wants to, and the only girl wafa may look sweet and demure but she’s not exactly soft-spoken! haha.

everyone contributes to the noise equally!



eldest cucu khaleef holding to youngest cucu khairy, with wafa right next, kazim and kahfi. these shots were taken the very night that we arrived in KL from dubai. my sister-in-law tina picked us up from klia, and my in-laws helped babysit them since I was going to the Being ME 2 women-only conference the next day.







khaleef just LOVES khairy as his baby brother, kahfi is absolutely obsessed with baby khairy (he’s also crazy about his other baby cousin miqail) and kazim is simply in awe. kawan elok-elok and jangan ajar khairy benda mengarut ok!

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