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‘Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia’ : My In-Laws Speak about Big School English Programmes

it’s always exciting to see someone you know appear on TV, what more if the people are closely related to you. so naturally, it was a big deal for my mr. khairul, knowing his big little brother and sister would be appearing on LIVE tv.

it was last may, and my bro-in-law khairul adzha or K and sis-in-law tina were invited to appear on ‘Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia’ or ‘good morning malaysia’, a morning talk-show aired on RTM TV1 channel, over the education slot.

personally, I was more interested to know the goings-on behind the camera in a LIVE tv production, and whether they yell ‘action’! haha. was it nerve-wrecking for the siblings? or a surprisingly fun experience?


the friendly ‘Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia’ team, Wan Aliazar and Tazneem Faisal with my bro-in-law K and sis-in-law tina


they were there to promote the Big School English Programme which is specially designed to facilitate learning of the english language among children from the age of 4 focusing on FUN LEARNING METHODOLOGY.

learning english should be fun, and in the words of my khaleef : ‘easy breezy lemon squeasy’!

the 20-minute talk on ‘Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia’ also discussed an expansion plan to cater for individuals interested in english education; be it opening their own education centers (using the modules prepared by the Big School Education Group), or to enhance their own communication skills in english.

the modules were designed based on four criteria : effective communication skills, language proficiency, professional interpersonal skills, and character enhancement.




RTM has been helpful in opening doors to many bumiputera companies to reach target market through comm media. knowing RTM’s stance, they took the opportunity to explain how the Big School Education can benefit the nation, especially the bumiputeras through their corporate social responsibility project.

this community service project is a partnership with MCOBA (malay college old boys assoc), aimed at providing english education to underprivileged urban children in a fun environment outside of school, as well as teacher-training to unemployed graduates. it’s called ‘MCOBA English Enrichment Community Centre (MEECC)’.

visit their facebook page for more information on MEECC.



now back to the LIVE show! what tina learned from her LIVE interview on RTM Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia :

  • know your product well will definitely ensure a smooth Q&A
  • before the show starts, a personnel would brief them about the kind of questions to expect from the TV hosts
  • nevertheless, they should be ready during the LIVE recording, for unexpected questions that might somehow relate to their product
  • the role of the TV host is extremely important to anchor a tv talk-show, especially one recorded LIVE – humility and professionalism are helpful traits to be able to make the guests feel welcome, at ease and less nervous
  • RTM tv hosts were friendly and made them feel relaxed




from what I watched, there were few moments with playful banters between the hosts and K and tina that help lightened the mood. this made the show less rigid (well, we know how RTM can be in the past, right? haha), and viewers can relate more to what they’re saying.

knowing mr. khairul as a good public speaker, I was not surprised to watch his brother and sister being a natural like him, when speaking on TV. a lot of room for improvements to be more eloquent but considering they don’t do this often – not bad, not bad at all!


* * *



Khairul Adzha Anwar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)



Module Writer and Senior Executive of HR, Training & Module Development unit


interestingly enough, this is not tina’s first TV appearance. she has appeared on TV once before over Astro Awani channel, also in promoting the Big School English Programmes. anyhow, to her the RTM tv talk was still very special as she was alongside big bro K!

“..jadi lagi comfortable, coz we know we both would have each other’s backs!” they can finish each other’s sentences!


* * *


this was tina’s first tv appearance – LIVE at Astro Awani on February 26, in Bisnes Awani segment with host cerenna manickam. she appeared alongside one of the trainers of Big School English Programme.



tina said the experience being on the talk over at Astro Awani was different than in RTM. they were only given 8 minutes, so whatever message they want to put out there must be concise and comprehensive.

since they were featured in the ‘business awani’ segment, the talk focused more on entrepreneurship opportunity that Big School Education can offer. business talk, basically!

done partly in english, unlike in RTM’s ‘Selamat Pagi 1 Malaysia’ which is full BM. to me give my sis-in-law tina english or bahasa melayu, she was able to deliver effectively and to the point. she doesn’t appear to be nervous, as if she’s been doing this many times. she’s a natural!


* * *



to reps from TV or radio stations who might be reading this, the Big School Education team is always eager to honor invites to appear on TV or radio to spread their message especially about their community service project that will certainly benefit the nation. bring it on!

the Big School English Programme might benefit you! to find out more, visit BIG education facebook page. click here.


amirah said...

betul la kak. kalau kita tengok someone yg kita kenal dalam tv memng rasa interesting la program ni ye. bagus to brush up on english yg susah jugak kalau bukan second langua of the parents

Anonymous said...

kak page FB link baru:

terima kasih atas jasa baik akak.
harap dapat kemaskini blog paling baru ya..rindu!

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