Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get Lost in Dubai Mirror Maze @ Creek Park

mirror maze is FUN!

you’re looking for your son, and see you see him straight in front of you. you walk towards him, but you bumped your head. it’s a mirror. you turned left, saw him again, and face another bump. a mirror again. you turned the other way and finally found a way forward. then you realised you need to walk with your hands dangling in front of you to feel for a mirror.

your eyes are deceiving you in the ‘mirror maze’ – you have to depend only on your sense of touch!

and you laugh all the way.



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this ‘mirror maze’ is inside dubai creek park, gate 1. when you enter, you’ll see the big signage ‘children’s park’ – you are in the right place. head on to the dolphinarium building, and the mirror maze is right next door.

it’s aed 25 for adult, and aed 15 for kids. personally kids would enjoy it so much more, finding their way around the mirror maze looking for their brothers – great laughs!


photo 1


before entering, we’re given plastic gloves to prevent visitors from smudging all the mirrors while they find their way out and about. furthermore, when there are smudges on the mirrors, it affects the  illusion of space in the ‘mirror image’.

there is only one size so my little kazim has to use adult-size gloves.


photo 5


dubai ‘mirror maze’ has over 100 mirrors in a straightforward path, so you’ll never have to worry about getting lost.

once you pay for the entrance, you can get out take a rest, and get back in.


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photo 2



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the bright light changes color every now and then which did make us a bit dizzy! a song in arabic went blaring over the speaker.


* * *


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once out of the dizzying ‘mirror maze’, we got some fresh air playing football in the lovely park. 

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