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PM’s Fav Nasi Lemak @ Village Park Restaurant, Uptown

the very next day after i landed in KL, my youngest sis & bro-in-law belanja me nasi lemak at this popular place in uptown damansara – ‘village park restaurant’.

I may have missed the bus coz I’ve never heard of this place but it’s well-known for its delicious nasi lemak and super-fresh-hot-from-the-kuali crispy fried chicken. furthermore, it boasted the fact that malaysia prime minister najib tun razak is a fan of the nasi lemak.

hmm, khairy jamaluddin pulak? suka tak dia makan nasi lemak kat sini? kih kih.


photo 9edit

the famous nasi lemak at village park restaurant, damansara uptown


* * *


photo 1 (1)

when I first heard the name ‘village park restaurant’ – I was like, hello make up your mind la you want to be village or park or kampung or taman or restaurant or what? haha. but  the place is indeed popular and packed with hungry nasi lemak fans!


photo 4

newspaper cuttings about PM najib hanging out at ‘village park restaurant’ having his favorite nasi lemak


photo 6

seating is kopitiam style – simply stools and marble tables. simple, homely, comfy and clean eventhough the place is so busy.


photo 7

photo 8

tada ~ that’s the place they put the freshly-fried chicken straight from the hot kuali. seriously not a minute passed after that, the ‘mountain’ of fried chicken quickly disappear – that’s how fast the nasi lemak is sold to customers. letak je habis, letak je habis. sekejap je! mane tak dapat makan panas-panas. yum!


* * *


photo 10


my sisters (except my eldest yong who prefers white meat) LOVE drumstick chicken. we rushed, argued, and scrambled to get that part of the chicken during meals at home when we’re younger, until now! so when we were there, naturally we asked the waiter “semua kasi drumstick ye?” and owh, what music to our ears when the waiter replied, “sini ayam semua drumstick.”

we’re in chicken haven! haha.


photo 9edit

delicious nasi lemak at village park restaurant


ok my first ever opinion when I saw the lovely plate of nasi lemak was – sikitnya nasi? to me it looks like the portion of rice was quite little as opposed to the larger fried chicken.

tapi – nasi tu NAMPAK je sikit. huhu.

I soon found out that it’s all proportionate to each other and was definitely left with full-tummy towards the end of the meal. I can’t even finish the chicken! that crispy crunchy chicken with such tender flesh. yum.

the sambal was tasty too – not too spicy, not too sweet – just nice.



fresh kangkong belacan to accompany the inviting plate of nasi lemak. I had this not with my sister, but when I went AGAIN (yes, again hahahaha) with my aunt and family. cik simply loves kangkong with nasi lemak and this one is really yum too.


* * *


photo 3

there were also people lining up to tapau lunch – village park restaurant also offers nasi lauk-lauk


photo 2

kuih-muih also!


photo 1

thanks to my youngest sister azot & hubby faiz belanja kakak dubai ni!


my first time tasting this plate of nasi lemak was when mr. khairul bought it for me last year, but this time I was enjoying it super fresh and hot at village park restaurant itself. I suggest you guys do the same to truly enjoy the crispy fried chicken!

I will go again and you guys will belanja me again, deal? hoho.



this was when I went again after few days (yeap, AGAIN – it was THAT good) with my aunt and family. (my boys were with my in-laws, and mr, khairul was still in dubai) here’s my cute cousin umar & his dad uncle rosli when they were *forced* to let me tag along with them haha to enjoy the nasi lemak at village park restaurant yet again.



with my lovely aunt cik. thanks uncle rosli and cik for belanja-ing me nasi lemak sedap dgn ayam goreng rangup panas-panas! always fun to hang out and borak-borak with cik!


* * *


photo 2 (1)

drop by to village park restaurant at damansara uptown to try the nasi lemak with crispy fried chicken, our PM’s fav nasi lemak!

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