Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fly DXB–KUL (Dubai-Kuala Lumpur) Just Mak & 3 Boys

it was that time of year when we get to go balik kampung – goodbye dubai, see you soon MALAYSIA!

…and it was just me and the boys. yet again – flying from dubai to malaysia inside an aeroplane with 3 boys aged 8, 5 and 3. *yay*. the boys were on their summer break, but mr khairul would only join us on raya eve. so I had to just breathe in, eat my sanity pill haha and hope for the best!



my young traveller in simple white T and his adidas. senang nak bergolek-golek atas kerusi kapal terobang nanti!



alhamdulillah I’m so lucky that my boys are fast learners – they quickly take their places and immediately knew what to do – fasten seatbelt, find the earphones and switch on cartoon channel! mak dah tak payah susah-susah pikir!



kazim could get grumpy when the cartoon he’s watching got interrupted by a pilot’s announcement. have to slowly pacify him with biscuits or magazines with pictures of animals! but other than that, he’s a darling too!



meal time! khaleef having a bowl of fruit loops cereal with a fresh cold milk


it was morning up in the sky so the boys were served breakfast : hotdog, baked beans, hash browns and orange juicy. simple and budak-budak ade la jugak selera nak makan. they also got a bowl of the cereal fruit loops and a bottle of fresh cold milk. totally refreshing for the boys.



kazim so at home! gets colder as hours pass by. getting snug like a bug in a rug in his aussie sweater.



alhamdulillah, arrived safely in KLIA : air travel with 3 cheeky monkeys – success!


as the boys grow older, there were less troubles and headache for mak! the boys were well-behaved most of the time, ate their meals quietly without much ‘force’ and kazim slept through most of the 7-hour flight. it ended up to be quite an enjoyable, peaceful flight.

oh, except for the fact that once the plane landed safely on KL ground, kahfi loudly announced, “yay, we’re alive!” haha.

my sis-in-law tina picked us up from klia that day, off to puchong where my in-laws helped babysit the boys as I attend a women’s-only islamic conference with my sisters. more on that later!


* * *


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