Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Lamb Cutlets @ Carlos Steakhouse

it was my 34th birthday so I was gonna eat whatever I want! and I want lamb chops!

celebrated my 34th birthday with delicious juicy lamb chops at one of the many makan places along the marina near our place dubai marina. it really is walking distance from our place!


photo 5 (1)

alhamdulillah. 34 and I’m so *rich* with these cheeky boys plus that one big boy that I love so much. thank you Allah, for all your blessings.


we went to itallian restaurant ‘carlos steakhouse’, situated across the marina from dorra bay apartment building.


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it was during really hot humid summer when we went, so not smart to dine outside. but when winter comes, this place should be nice to hang out at – with the view of beautifully-lit tourist boats passing by the marina.


photo 2

photo 3 (1)

there are a few restaurants along the marina. you can even spot joggers along this walkway. during winter, it’s a really nice place to have a nice stroll. no cars, no traffic, no noise. just walking along peaceful stream of the marina.


photo 5 (2)

view of the marina and overhead bridge from inside carlos steakhouse


* * *


photo 4 (5)

this was complimentary. best kan! instead of plain bread dip in olive oil, at carlos restaurant they serve this freshly baked, delicious garlic bread as starter. the boys loved it!


photo 5 (6)

the butter container is cute too!


photo 2 (2)

my birthday lamb cutlets!


birthday yummy for the birthday girl : ‘costolette de agnello con pesto’ which was translated in the menu as ‘bbq lamb cutlet marinated in pesto’. pesto is basically this green paste made from fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts in olive oil and cheese. sound SO good. and yes, the result is this delicious taste of juicy soft lamb. not too salty, not too bland. what a yummy birthday meal!

I would come again for this!


photo 2 (1)

assorted veggies on my plate


these steamed marinated assorted veggies were served together with my lamb pesto. it’s REALLY good.

after all of my western dishes experiences, this is by far THE BEST most yummy veggies (that accompanied a steak/chicken dish) I’ve ever eaten. I really wanted to ask the chef how was the veggies marinated and most importantly in WHAT? to make it taste so delicious!

the veggies were so soft and well-steamed – not overcooked or too soggy – it was perfect. the taste seeps through the veggies, and each one contributes different taste and texture to the whole dish – the sweet potato, the soft zuchinni, crunchy brocolli – loved it!


photo 3

photo 4

we ordered cheese pizza for the boys. cheese. on pizza. what’s not to love! khairul had his own steak but it was not HIS birthday so no picture of his dish. haha. besides, he said he was quite disappointed with the beef steak. and since I had a yummy time enjoying MY birthday dish, I’ll leave it at that.


* * *


that day I also received one of the biggest surprises ever – a wonderfully *shiny* birthday present that I will cherish forever, and ever – and insyaAllah will pass on to my future daughter!

I can say that this surprise tops it all along with 1) the sweet surprise when he showed up at the airport right before I left for melbourne with a huge bouquet of white roses after only 3 dates and less than a month of knowing each other, and 2) when he gave me my beloved burberry a week after I delivered kahfi in dubai.

love you always honey cookiedough!

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