Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Juicy Grilled Chicken : Dar Al-Mandi & Madhbi @ Al-Barsha

we have many favorite mandi restaurants – tawasol, maraheb, bait al-mandi; but once a while we decided to try new mandi-rice places, and that’s how we ended up eating mandi rice at ‘dar al-mandi & madhbi at al-barsha. (that’s a lot of ‘mandi’ in one sentence! yah, I’m an addict!)


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we decided to try out mandi restaurant closer to home, so we tried 'dar al-mandi & madhbi' at al-barsha, situated behind mall of emirates, near armada hotel.


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the most minimalist mandi restaurant that I’ve been to – judging from the number of seats and small space for the majlees (place to sit down cross-legged).


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this is our view from the majlees. there’s a curtain separating us from the seating area. just a small space. funny fact : the restaurant owner/staff changed the channel of the TV to korean drama series all of a sudden. diorang ingat kitorang korean ke hape? haha.


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the majlees in ‘dar al-mandi & madhbi’ is the smallest majlees I’ve seen in any mandi restaurant, which usually has more than one majlees. it could probably fit less than a few adult. they even use parts of the majlees to store can drinks. nevertheless, we were the only ones using the majlees, so it was reasonably comfy.


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the menu has the usual fare of a mandi restaurant – chicken or meat mandi, madhbi rice and such.


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ok, I don’t know whether we came on a particular day where the cook forgot to put salt in the soup, or this ‘dar al-mandi & madhbi' restaurant is particularly health-conscious – but the soup is very bland. it’s got the taste and spices but BLAND. so no fret, we just add in some salt, and voila – an acceptably tasty soup after all.


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the texture of the mandi rice is soft, but what struck me most is the usage of too much cardamon (if I’m not mistaken) which I don’t really like. me no likey but mr. khairul loves the extra spice!


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now the grilled CHICKEN that comes with the mandi rice is seriously one of the best grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted! fresh and hot. deliciously juicy, tender meat, well-marinated – completely mouth-watering! I may not prefer the mandi rice itself, but I could come again to dar al-mandi & madhbi JUST to have this grilled chicken!


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the meat was quite disappointing mandi-meat fan mr. khairul. for the first time, we ate meat mandi that’s a bit tasteless. the texture is good enough – the meat ‘melted’ from the bones, but it needs a sprinkle of salt to make it tasty. healthy cooking kot, kurangkan garam dalam masakan!


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where’s my favorite jerjer leaf?


photo 4


healthy cooking or not, apparently there’s lack of salt in the soup and meat. nevertheless, I would give a thumbs up to the grilled chicken! now if only I could take the mandi rice from ‘bait al-mandi’, and eat it with the grilled chicken from ‘dar al-mandi & madhbi’? perfect.

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