Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chocolate Cake Cheesecake VS Cheesecake Pancake

the battle is between two of my favorite cheesy desserts found in dubai! one is a cake from the cheesecake factory and another one is a pancake from IHOP!

which one do I like more?

any dessert is sweeter when shared with a BFF! my classmate in high school putri was here in dubai a while back and we spent time eating and talking. and then we eat some more. haha. we went to the cheesecake factory in dubai mall, and the IHOP in JBR the walk.

click here for my first trip to the cheesecake factory, and click here for my review of IHOP where we celebrated khaleef’s birthday.


* * *



meet our first contender : it’s called the ‘30th anniversary chocolate cake cheesecake’! in 2008, the cheesecake factory celebrates it’s 3rd decade of devilishly delicious cheesecakes, and this cake started out as a limited edition, which obviously stayed on due to its popularity.



in the menu, this is described as ‘layers of original cheesecake, fudge cake and chocolate truffle cream’. yes, that’s the swirl of choc truffle cream on top! you’d think that by looking at it, it would be this lump of sugary sweet icing on a cake – but it’s actually yummy rich chocolatey nutella-like cream! not too sweet, and really goes well with the moist cheesecake underneath.



..and on the side, there are these chocolate shavings and crunchy chocolate chips-like that gives a juxtaposed texture to the moist cake. imagine sinking your teeth into soft cake, and then greeted with a crunch of chocolate? heaven!



this is probably one of the more simpler types of cheesecake in the cheesecake factory : just a clear-cut layers of cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake. no coconut cream or lime taste, or hidden walnuts in between or caramel swirls in the middle – very straightforward cheese and chocolate. a beautiful marriage. for my tummy. haha.


if you’re looking for good chocolate cake cheesecake, this is IT.



me & put after munchin cheesecake!


* * *



ladies and gents, meet the challenger : the ‘new york cheesecake pancake’. the new york cheesecake itself is essentially cheesecake with sour cream. I can taste the marvelous cheesecake and feel the smooth texture as I fork through the moist pancake. delicious and melts in the mouth!



in the menu, this dessert is described as ‘four fluffy buttermilk pancakes, loaded with creamy rich cheesecake pieces and crowned with cool strawberry topping, powdered sugar and whipped topping.’ yum. the ‘strawberry topping’ is just a sweet delight to the pancake. however, I feel that the pancake dish would be perfect with fresh strawberries instead of this pickled ones.



I don’t care much about whipped cream, so this is an okay addition for me. sure makes the dish looks good, but I won’t complain if I miss it.



my gal pal put enjoying a late afternoon snack at JBR the walk : it was very windy and so cold after awhile that we can’t wait to leave!



put at IHOP in the walk JBR


* * *


…and the winner is -------

are you kidding me?

you can’t ask me to choose between two heavenly desserts! it’s like making me choose between thor and captain america. or lamb chop and lamb mandi. or ferrero rocher and kinder bueno. or mulder and scully. I love them all equally!

so the battle between the chocolate cheesecake and new york cheesecake pancake continues…

…oh, man. and now I want some!


Anonymous said...

Hey! How come the red velvet cheesecake not in the list! -put-

amirah said...

haha...kalau saya mestila new york cheesecake tu..awww...yumsss

Liz said...

I vote for chocolate cake cheesecake!

Sparkly Sharky said...

U r killing me here with this entry *aaargghhhhh*... My favourite cakes all in one? What's not to love. Chocolate cake cheesecake. Love.

Syigim said...

>> anon aka put3, sbb aku bandingkan dgn cheesecake & pancake cheesecake lah! :P satu kek, satu penkek :P

>> amirah, owh new yrk cheesecake mmg sedap berlemak krim!

Syigim said...

>> liz, noted! i really really cant vote.....2-2 sedap sgt!! ;)

>> sabrina, come to dubaiiiii!! then we'll have a cheezy chocolatey date there!!

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