Tuesday, March 5, 2013

World’s Most Expensive Abaya : RM55 Million!

abaya is basically a black, loose robe-like dress worn by muslim women in most parts of the middle east.

this is the most expensive abaya ever made and has been dubbed the ‘red diamond abaya’ due to the usage of a very rare red diamond as the centerpiece. the designer is british debbie wingham who will showcase her selection of abaya soon. fancy a brit designing abaya for middle easterns, huh?



launched in march, it really does like any typical black abaya with beautiful red embroidery. look closer and you’ll see that it’s made of diamonds…

tengok laaaagi dekat, dah macam manik-manik labuci beli kat jalan kuala kangsor kat ipoh tu. huhu.



  • it is adorned with hundreds of diamonds
  • hand-stitched with white gold thread
  • and of course, the tiny rare red diamond on the chest area
  • the fact is that the red diamond is only found one in millions regular diamond, once in 50 years – that makes it so rare
  • the abaya costs aed65 million or RM55 million, and that rare red diamond alone costs RM20 million



how could anyone even begin to WEAR this? beautiful and unique as it may seem, it defeats the purpose of the humble, demure abaya which should serve to cover the aurah and not attracting too much attention.

I hope it’s just for exhibition…

(pictures from google)


amirah said...

ya Allah...mahalnyaaa...sapa yg fund for this abaya? plis campak 1 million pada saya...hehe

Syigim said...

amirah, sape yg fund satu hal...sape pulak la yg akan membelinya...kalau seketul diamond tercabut, terus hilang 100K :P

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