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Being ME 2–(Muslimah Empowered) : Get Your Tickets NOW

I’m sure many of you lovely muslimah have heard of the women-only islamic conference Being ME since its successful run last year at Matrade. my sisters yong, syidot and azot attented the day event and had a wonderful time.

this annual conference is BACK in Kuala Lumpur for a second time this 29th June with the theme ‘Divine Liberation’, dedicated to aspiring female leaders around the globe.

got kids? no babysitter? husband main futsal? maid balik indon? bring the kids along! aged 6-12 can join as there are many fun activities for them to enjoy too! no worries, mommies!

(this is still tentative, but insyaAllah I will be in Malaysia around that time. fellow bloggers, jom jumpa kat sana!)



Mercy Mission Malaysia is hosting this second annual women-only conference ‘Divine Liberation- Being ME Malaysia 2013’ which will be filled with captivating talks, enlightening workshops and exciting bazaar.

this is the moment to discover you true potential to be a better muslimah, and to strengthen bonds between fellow sisters in Islam. as muslimah, to understand our role in society, economic and politics, and in family development. to recognize our daily challenges and overcome it. to liberate ourselves from total dependency of the duniawi. to be free!

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Details, up close!

Event: Being ME (Muslimah Empowered) 2013
Theme: Divine Liberation
Date/Time: 29th June 2013 / 10am-10pm
Venue: Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

Ticket Prices
Early Bird (until 30th April 2013)

  • Children (aged 6-12) - RM50.00
  • Adults (aged 13+) - RM99.00
  • Students (with valid student ID) - RM99.00

Normal Price (1st May 2013 onwards)
  • Children (aged 6-12) - RM75.00
  • Adults (aged 13+) - RM150.00
  • Students (with valid student ID) - RM99.00

e-mail to purchase your tickets!

  • Thought provoking lectures
  • Bazaar
  • Workshops
  • Sisters' Corner
  • Entertainment & Muslimah Award
  • Mothers' Room
  • Daddy Daycare (RM50 per child)

  • Sister Zohra Sarwari (US) - parenting expert; international speaker; author; entrepreneur
  • Prof. Dr. Muhaya Mohamad (MY) - renowned ophthalmologist; TV personality; motivational speaker; author
  • Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin (MY) - IIUM Rector
  • Sister Tasneem Ghauri (CA) - da`eah; motivational speaker; counselor
  • Sheikh Daood Butt (CA) - Al-Kauthar instructor; international speaker
  • Brother Yusha Evans (US) – founder and co-founder of two Islamic television stations in North America, also a multiple discipline Black Belt holder (wow!) & runs a martial arts academy
this includes a special appearance by Fatih Seferagic, imam muda dari Bosnia who will recite Al-Quran in his beautiful voice. owh pardon me, but he’s too cute!


Fatih Seferagic, imam muda dari Bosnia 


if you think this is something that can benefit you or your families/friends, please help us to spread the word!

bawak mak, makcik, opah sekali. pergi dengan adik kakak. ajak kawan-kawan. jemput sahabat handai! jom pergi ramai-ramai!


* * *


take note, people!

there’s still time to get the EARLY BIRD price ticket!

ticket price for Early Bird: RM99 (adults) & RM50 (children between 5-12 years old)

early bird period ends 30th April 2013.

e-mail to get your tickets!


* * *


my bro-in-law nash is the sales manager for this event, so I’m promoting this event all the way from dubai hihi on his behalf. very proud of him to get involved in such a beneficial event for us muslimah. show some love and support, ladies!

if you had attended last year’s Being ME and had blogged about it, could you please leave the link on the comment section, so that other bloggers can read what you have experienced and benefit from the conference, in return become more interested to participate in this second one. thanks!

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aneezjaafar said...

salam follow dan singgah.. InshaaAllah saya pergi event ni this coming 14 jun.. excited..

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