Friday, March 1, 2013

Authentic Chinese Dish @ Qinghai Hu Restaurant With MCKK Bros

I absolutely LOVE chinese food. not too spicy, uses a lot of herb and spices that I like, and the style of cooking is just simple yet satisfying!

there is an ‘international city’ in dubai and a little china district in there where a lot of awesome chinese restaurants are, serving good authentic chinese dishes at cheap price. loved it! this include our favorite chinese restaurant there called ‘lan zhau noodle restaurant’.

(click here for my review of ‘lan zhou noodle restaurant’.)

and this latest one that we tried : ‘qinghai hu restaurant’ was recommended by abg nizalman. looking at the menu, there seems to be an endless choice of chicken, meat, lamb and duck dishes to try plus soups and even desserts. spoilt for choice!

qinghai is named after the largest lake in china, located in the northwest part of large country.  (source : wikipedia)


* * *


since this was our first time here at qinghai hu restaurant, we let abg nizalman do the ordering. everything looks good! like seriously, I’m not even joking – I really don’t know what to order!



this is deep-fried marinated chicken & dried chilli with sesame seed and capsicum. the best of the day. loved the crunch outside, loved the tender meat inside. yum!




qinghai hu restaurant’s version of satay? this is beef on a skewer, and I’m not a fan of beef satay so I would just say that the texture was really good, but I’m still on the fence with this. beef-fan should try it!



this is one of the must-try – homemade noodle with this comot-looking kuah with beef. I can’t remember what’s it called but I loved it. it will be difficult to try and order this again next time since I can’t remember the name of the dish!

however, as much as I LOVE this dish, in my opinion, the noodle and gravy at ‘lan zhou noodle restaurant’ is much more delicious!



..or you can also eat the noodle with this less spicy soup – with beef and white carrots. delicious especially when it’s piping hot!



this is curry fried rice. yes, CURRY. it’s spicy but you know how the chinese-food version of spicy kan? takde la spicy sangat pun. but I like it. it’s – different!



this is the ONE dish that I know : the yang chow fried rice or yang zhou fried rice – popular in malaysia too – what we malaysians know as simply ‘nasik goreng cina’! with mix veggie, cut-up chicken and prawn, fried with eggs, what’s NOT to love? this is one simple and satisfying meal.



weirdly delicious meal. I don’t like tofu when it’s so soft but I like the fact that it’s got that deep-fried crunchy outer layer. so it’s crunchy on first bite, but there’s the soft tofu waiting inside.


* * *


qinghai hu restaurant is clean and comfy, just a nice, simple place to eat good food, and cheap!



the general eating area is upfront, but you can head back to the family seating area which is really rooms – very comfortable and provide privacy to eat sesuka hati hihi



the wallpaper is impressive for this little chinese restaurant! over kau haha. not my favorite of course but I appreciate the effort to beautify their restaurant for the patrons.



even the tea cup makes us feel like royalties! haha



tada~ there’s even a couch inside the ‘family room’ – we were like, “eh macam bilik karaoke!” hihi. see, nice and comfy!


* * *



we were hosting mohsein aka moqq, mr. khairul’s mckk batch mate who was here in dubai on business. next time come back for pleasure ok! haha




together with us are (from left) suhaimi v00 (in cap) and bro nizalman v90 (in blue) – who was the one who recommended this place to us. thanks abg nizalman! now we have more choices to eat when we’re around dubai international city.



mckk brothers : kay v96, nizalman v90, mohsein v96, suhaimi v00


Liz said...

cheap? bertuah. chinese muslim restaurant kat sini selalunya mahal sikit tapi ok la nak makan sekali sekala.

restaurant deco kat dubai memang lawa dan exclusive gitu kan?

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the MCOBA activity write-up. keep on writing !


Syigim said...

>> liz, alhamdulillah dpt la jgk authentic chinese food halal kat dubai ni sbb ade je yg jual kaki katak :P

thanks liz, i really appreciate ur concern. so terharu. sob sob

>> anon, my pleasure, always. secretary kan ;)

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