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Al Mina Modern Cuisine, Abu Dhabi : New & Improved!

the first time I went here was early 2011. I knew this place as ‘Mina Modern Kitchen & Restaurant’, and I had a disappointing experience. however, the restaurant has since changed its name to ‘Al Mina Modern Cuisine & Restaurant’, with great improvement!

in the old place, I had an unfortunate experience with the mediocre food, the less-than-warm service and slightly smelly seating area. now the new the place under the name ‘al mina modern cuisine & restaurant’ has got better food, better ambiance, better seating area – altogether a better restaurant that deserves the reputation as ‘the best place to get mandi rice in abu dhabi’.

I still stand by what I wrote during my first visit to this restaurant (because it really WAS that bad!), and that is why I’m so glad to write this new posting to give praise to where praise is due.

(click here to read my ranting on the OLD version of this restaurant, just to give you a comparison.)



combo plate of mandi chicken & lamb


this was my review on the food the last time I was there :

“..the rice is dry, the chicken not as juicy, and the lamb is hard – like a day-old hard, or one that they simply re-heated for the next day..”

I’m happy to note that the new and improved place served a most delicious mandi rice that is very well-presented (see picture)! a normal plate of mandi rice looks yummy, but this plate includes cut-up tomatoes, lemon and capsicum. looks really attractive when they play with colors and your taste-buds!

nampak menyelerakan! definitely A-plus for food presentation!




the taste was as good as it looks like.

the rice was soft and juicy. the chicken was delicious, hot and fresh. the lamb was tender, easily shredded from its bone and well-marinated. altogether a delicious plate of mandi rice.

I applaud the new chef, (there must be a NEW chef because there’s such a significant difference from the old mandi rice that they serve!) – great improvement in taste, texture, and presentation!



the soup was just tasty as it should be and my boys LOVED it. deliciously salty and hot. even I enjoyed slurping soup after each handful of rice, and I seldom do that in a mandi restaurant!


* * *




‘al mina modern cuisine’ is very near the fish market, and fishing area with fishing boats docked right opposite the row of restaurants, so it’s no surprise that the menu includes many varieties of seafood dishes – sherry, hamour, king fish, squid and shrimps – grilled, or fried.


* * *



upon entering…



the walls look a little rundown, but overall the place has a much better ambiance compared to the last time we went here. more airy, with better lighting.



there’s a waiting place (my guess) which is simple yet I appreciate their effort in having this small corner complete with a pretty set of arabian teapot and teacups.



in the old place, the family seating areas were separated using what look like shower curtains! it was dark, with slight unpleasant smell like damp carpet. they’ve certainly revamped the place well with hard panels as ‘walls’, new majlis (the arabian cushion seats) and new carpets. it looks way better!



one of the majlis. looks reasonably comfy to sit cross-legged as you enjoy mandi rice



at the family area, you could also opt for the table and seats area instead of the majlis



this is the family seating area at the furthest back, and the largest. it’s bright, spacious, comfy – fit for a whole party of people!



it’s important for a restaurant to have a clean washroom. aside from being clean, ‘al mina modern cuisine’ even decorated its washroom with scenic pictures on the wall. classy! haha. but seriously, it’s important to have clean toilets and wash basins, so A-plus for this!



the exterior has changed too. with mengkuang-like walls and new signboard too 


‘al mina modern cuisine & restaurant’ is situated in the vicinity of a ‘fishing’ area in abu dhabi, it’s very close to the fish market near the corniche. susah nak cari for us, but when you know the way, the restaurant is very obvious.

you have to look for this 3 buildings near the fish market, drive right into, passing this one gate until you see the signage ‘fish market’.

there are a quite number of restaurants in the rows of shops opposite the boat-docks so you gotta keep your eyes open to spot ‘al mina modern cuisine & restaurant’.

good luck!



this is the sight opposite of ‘al mina modern cuisine & restaurant’


Anonymous said...

i second that @ the improved food. Kudos to this new "management"

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

maybe this guy dah kena smash ngan Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible (Food Network) kot..

Syigim said...

>> anon, TOTAL make-over!

>> fairus, haha..definitely beza gile dgn the old one :P

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