Sunday, November 25, 2012

Khaleef Gets Birthday Pancake @ IHOP, JBR

this is one last bit from khaleef’s birthday – we didn’t get him any birthday cake, but he got something he really likes – birthday pancakes!




IHOP just opened in the walk JBR (jumeirah beach residence, walking distance from our place) and I’ve been wanting to take the boys there since forever! my boys are pancake-freaks so I know they would absolutely enjoy the meals there.

IHOP stands for ‘international house of pancakes’, a very popular american franchise boasting delicious breakfast meals since 1958! it has then evolved into serving lunch and dinner meals as well. IHOP in dubai is the first oversea branch they have.

(..just like the cheesecake factory. magnolia bakery. hummingbird bakery – all their first branches overseas are opened in dubai!)



the new york cheesecake pancakes


we got the birthday boy this delicious treat – ‘the new york cheesecake pancakes’ which is four fluffy buttermilk pancakes loaded with creamy rich cheesecake pieces topped with cool strawberry syrup and whipped cream. I saw the words ‘pancake’ and ‘cheesecake’ in a sentence and I just flipped – I gotta have this for my boy!

the pancakes are as excellent as good pancakes should be – fluffy and soft, with slight brownish to give it character. it’s thick and and the portion is large, enough to be shared with your loved ones.



enjoy your birthday pancake, khaleef!



khaleef enjoying the birthday song from the lovely staff at IHOP jbr


I didn’t know that IHOP staff has this singing-birthday-song gig like in TGIF – but I simply told the staff to bring the pancakes with a candle and wish khaleef happy birthday. when the pancakes came, about 10 of the staff came to our table and sing an upbeat birthday song – and birthday boy was really surprised, and bashfully enjoying this treat.

thank you to the fun bunch of IHOP staff at jbr! you guys rock!


* * *





did we get anymore pancakes for ourselves? of course! we’re at the international HOUSE of PANCAKES!

I let mr. khairul choose this next one. he picked the ‘double blueberry pancakes’. it’s four buttermilk pancakes filled with blueberries, topped with blueberry sauce and whipped cream. absolutely divine!

again, lovely fluffy pancakes with a dollop of blueberries everywhere. what I really love about it is that as we fork the pancakes up to the middle, the insides are still hot, with steam visible. fantastic!


* * *




what else can you get at IHOP besides gorgeous fluffy pancakes?

there are other delicious desserts to choose from the waffle list and the crepe list. if you want savoury food, there are burgers, sandwiches, and chicken and fish dishes. I really thought that IHOP serves desserts and only light savoury snacks! they’ve got steaks as well!



mr khairul wanna keep it simple so he went for this beef bacon cheeseburger – thick juicy beef burger with cheese and strips of beef bacon, served with onion rings. well, it’s a cheeseburger. beef is tender, bun is soft, veggies are fresh, onion rings are crispy crunchy – it’s an alright meal.



I got myself this deliciously simple dish – the ‘philly cheese steak stacker’ – grilled philly-style steak and onions topped with MELTED cheese, served on long grilled bread with fries on the side. it’s just so simple and tasty. steak, sauteed onions and cheese? party in my tummy!



we got the mac & cheese for the boys from the kids’ menu. sadly, this was a disappointing meal. other than looking like an instant mac & cheese you can get at lulu, it’s really DRY. cammon lah, nak guna instant pun, at least have the courtesy of making sure it IS tasty and presentable. khaleef even asked for more cheese sauce…


* * *




having pancakes at IHOP? you have lotsa syrups to choose from : the old-fashioned maple syrup, blueberry, strawberry or butter pecan syrup!


anyways, other than the microwaved-lookin mac & cheese, everything else was fantastic!

the food was delicious, the setting was very family-friendly and the staff were wonderful. if I remember correctly, the staff waiting at our table was ‘chona’ (pronounced ‘shawna’) and she was a darling. if you’re reading this, keep up the high spirits and great smile!

I like the fact that IHOP is a NOISY, festive place to hang out with a family with 3 boisterous boys! the décor was a bit boring and dull, but it’s staying true to the old 50’s feel, I guess!

there’s a waiting list to sit outside in the open, so we got a seat inside, no waiting. no matter – the booth seat that we got was perfect to block kazim from going out (haha) and we had a great view of the sea!

we’re definitely coming again – for kahfi’s birthday this december, perhaps?


* * *


IHOP jbr is next to movenpick hotel, and there’s another branch at the mall of emirates too. enjoy!


mala said...

happy birthday to khaleef.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Khaleef! Bagusnya pekerja restoran pun sama-sama buat surprise. Extra gesture macam ni buat kita cepat terharu kan? Mesti Khaleef excited!

Syigim said...

>> mala, thanks for the wish :)

>> liz, mmg bagus sbb riuh & esp making the bday boy tersengih2 happy :) thanks for the wish dear!

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