Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Metro Dubai Ride with the Boys

kids love trains, kan? it’s the exciting change from the mundane car rides. the route is different, the scenery is different. they can observe people. they can see things from a different angle. somehow, train rides are super exciting!

so just because, we took our boys on a train ride – on metro dubai! (click here to read about my first experience on metro dubai with mr. khairul and my in-laws.)


bapak lined up to get tickets – we already have the SILVER NOL CARDS, so all we need to do is to top-up the cards.




anxiously waiting for the train to arrive



memupuk semangat membaca walau di mana jua berada! my boys enjoying their favorite dinosaur books on the train



they shared the single seat. they almost got a double seat, but a man (full grown man!) actually raced with them to get that seat. shame! so, a nice indian dude gave up his seat for them. there’s still good in the world! it was a long ride back home, so I was glad that my boys get to sit and rest. thanks dude, whoever you are!



mr. khairul the ever caring considerate husband asked me to sit down – it’s gonna be a LONG ride. you’re gonna be tired. are you sure you don’t wanna sit down and rest your feet? bla bla bla. hihi. thanks honey, but I’m SO used to travelling far like from gombak to kelana jaya and back again. dari hujung ke hujung tu! this was nothing! haha.



when the crowd slows down and the train was almost empty, the boys decided to experience standing up, holding on to the railing. I was a little worried, but they were just enjoying the light sways of the train and how their body moved with the flow.



HOME at last! well, the boys really had fun. it was just a simple trip. on a train. from A to B. but to them, it was a little adventure that they had enjoyed so much.


joyahsport said...

untong le jugak...joyah xsempat pon bawak kanak2 joyah naik..huu...rugi2...

Zamila Aleiya Zahari said...

pernah niat juga nak bawa anak naik train,tapi tak terbawa lagi sampai skrg...

transformed housewife said...

my daughters love to ride LRT. We've brought them twice and they have asked for more.

Syigim said...

>> joyahsport, xpe bole bwk budak2 naik lrt kat msia pun best :)

>> zamila aleiya, try la. senang je! try pegi dubai mall, MOE or burjuman mall :)

Syigim said...

kak nur, something about trains + kids kan? ;)

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