Monday, November 5, 2012

Oman Sweets : Like Our Malaysian Dodol

that was my first thought when I saw the “omani sweets” – macam dodol! the texture is also similar, but you can cut dodol into cubes and pieces, but the omani sweets is not congealed enough to be cut up. to eat, you scoop bite-sized serving using a spoon.

the way both desserts are cooked is also similar – kena guna kuali besar, kena kacau-kacau sentiasa. the taste however, differs greatly.

the omani sweets or halwa is made up of starch, eggs, sugar, water, ghee, saffron, cardamom, nuts and rose water mix together – giving it the rice taste of spices, cooked for TWO hours. me not much of a fan these spices!

our malaysian dodol is made from coconut milk, gula melaka (jaggery) and rice flour and takes about NINE hours to cook! me not much of a fan too – but during hari raya, who can resist good ol dodol! a classic!


this is how omani sweets is usually served – in a bowl of different sizes


we came to this place by chance. we were heading back to dubai already and on the way, we simply saw a sign that says, “omani sweets factory” – and was intrigued. we stopped by, tasted many different types of omani sweets, and bought a couple of boxes.


these are all ready for customers. they usually just buy straight in these bowls, and served at home just as it is for a special occasions and celebrations. this ‘dessert’ is very common in every omani household.


kalo nak cun lagi, beli yang dalam mangkuk fancy sikit haha. I’m guessing these would be more expensive than those in the metal bowls. we bought in small plastic containers. mane nak habih oi kalau beli banyak macam ni!



here’s my mr. khairul trying out the different types of halwa before choosing one. a bowl filled with plastic spoons is at one corner on the table – take one if you want to try a bite. I tried one and gave up. too much bitter-sweet spices for my taste! however, mr. khairul the foodie adventurer kinda likes it so he was clearly enjoying the tasting session!


..complete with personal advisor on what’s popular with the customers, what’s the best seller, and which ones with the most delicious ingredients



* * *


bought a few boxes of sweets


the omanis are warm, friendly people. really. I’m not saying that emiratis in dubai are NOT friendly, but must admit – they’re less approachable, and this fact has even been discussed in the emirates news one time. even THEY themselves are aware that they’re seen as unapproachable.


nways, we had a great time, love your beach and rocky mountains – thanks OMAN!


mala said...

nmpk jgk kilang ni masa balik dari dubai tapi tak singgah. next time la. kalau kat souq pun ni. yang ni kira eksklusip sikit la :-)

Syigim said...

mala, ni pun ternmpak dari jalan masa driving back. kalau xperasan, takde la dpt stop beli dodol oman ni! :)

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