Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hummingbird Bakery, Dubai Mall : Sorry, Too Sweet!

two of my best buddies are doing their phd in london. this is one of their favorite hangouts – the ‘hummingbird bakery’. once making me jealous that they’re hanging out together sipping hot chocs and stuffing their face with delicious cupcakes by the streets of london! hmmph!

the hummingbird bakery’s tagline is ‘authentic american cakes and desserts’ but it has been operating only around london since 2004. so it’s like they’re doing american-style baking IN london. hmm. and the hummingbird bakery in dubai mall is their first overseas branch.





it goes without saying that I’m a sucker for desserts. cakes. bakeries. cute little bakery with cute little treats. so when I heard that a ‘hummingbird bakery’ is opening in dubai mall, I jumped at the chance of trying one of their desserts – just to see what’s all the fuss about!

they have all that is expected of a bakery – glorious cupcakes, moist-looking slices of cakes and brownies too. they also have these big macaroon-like thingys called ‘whoppie pies’ – cream cheese sandwiched between two spongy cake that looks like big macaroons.

I didn’t try those coz I first wanted to try my favorite cake flavors – the red velvet cake, and the carrot cake – both with cream cheese.





I love the theme-color of hummingbird bakery – shades of primrose-pink over brown, with velvet chairs and of course – pink-colored hummingbirds on the walls. there were also fake cupcakes on the walls as décor, which I think is cute but so tempting for itchy little hands – kahfi’s! haha.




* * *





why did I take so long to finally describe the taste of the cakes?

well, because it was disappointing!

maybe I put my hopes too high. maybe because I’ve eaten the ultimate red velvet cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. maybe the cakes at hummingbird bakery ARE not that good – that I found the red velvet cake in hummingbird bakery less than mediocre.

the cake itself is NOT as moist as I had expected a good cake should be, and oh my the cream cheese is TOO SWEET! I LOVE cream cheese on my cake, so when the cream cheese is not good, the cake is no good! the same goes for the carrot cake. I will leave it at that!

(click here to read about my experience at the cheesecake factory, and click here to read about what I think is THE BEST red velvet cake I’ve ever tasted, in the magnolia bakery)




anyways, the hummingbird bakery in dubai mall is somewhere in lower ground, around the exit to the dubail mall muiscal fountain.

try it for yourself, and hey, maybe you prefer REALLY sweet cream cheese on your not-so-moist red velvet cake! me? no likey!




Anonymous said...

hi there, if you ever go to London you should try the Red Velvet cakes and cup cakes at The Chelsea Teapot, they are the best in London, trust me!! hope you get the chance.

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