Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Awesome Afghan Food @ Afghan Khorasan Kabab

I’ve lived in dubai for more than 4 years now – how could I NOT been here before? the food here is absolutely delicious beyond all things juicy and tender!

this is the first time I’m trying afghan food, and I must say that the experience was an absolutely positive one! I LOVE the food here! this is definitely going to be one of my favorite haunts after this!




‘afghan khorasan kabab’ is at meydan road, opposite dubai bowling center, al quoz. it’s a little unique corner-lot building on its own, not in a row of shoplot. from outside it looks like its built with red bricks.




* * *




the décor is really fancy shmancy! not necessarily posh or fine dining-like, but fancy! haha. there were a lot of details in the curtains, chairs, the flooring, chandelier, and even the stuff on the table. my first thought was FESTIVE.

the curtains are silky shiny like something out of a bilik pengantin. the chairs have pretty chair-covers and there were like a bunch of bouquet on each table – fancy! the inside-walls are lined with fake ‘red bricks’ too, giving it a nice touch.




* * *



for starters, we were served with this complimentary hot soup that tasted similar to a mild version of tomyam. delicious and totally soothing on a cold day!



also on the table is my favorite hummus – a popular mid east dip made from mashed chickpea. this is something that I only started to pick up while living in dubai, and been loving it ever since. gimme hot fresh arabic bread anytime for a dip into the yummy hummus!



they’ve got sambal served together with their rice, with a plate of cut-up veggies too.



the best arabic bread I’ve ever tasted!


the nan bread is unbelievable. I don’t think my limited vocab can do justice to the awesomeness of this bread at afghan khorasan kabab. so soft, so gebu, so fluffy, huge portion, with a slight crisp to give it character. and the sweet smell of that hot bread – OMG. I just wanna put it up my nose and smell it forever haha.

best arabic bread I have ever tasted. seriously. mr. khairul has tasted freshly baked bread while travelling to lebanon, libya, syria, yemen and jordan – and he can attest to this fact too!



I wish you could reach out and touch the bread in my mediocre picture, and feel the fluffiness and softness of the bread. tebal tapi gebu sangat!



juicy beads of palao rice, rich in flavor with a lovely aroma, and raisins menyebok. enough said. sedap gile. tapi aku tak suka nasi yang ade kismis, walaupun aku suka kismis.



mutton kadai – highly recommended!


even I am drooling as I’m blogging about this, trying to describe the uber-deliciousness of this dish. this is ‘mutton kadai’ at afghan khorasan, and you can even have it with chicken. this is a MUST-have dish, especially if you like mutton. if not, please try it with chicken!

I LOVE masak merah atau masak tomato, and this dish is similar, with a few more spices thrown in to give it the ‘afghan-food’ character, I’m sure. we ate it with rice and the bread.

the gravy is of course, super yummy but the star of the dish is of course the mutton  - tender and soft, tears off easily from the bone. excellent!



we got this grilled chicken for the boys. it’s as good as any grilled chicken can be – juicy, tender, deliciously marinated and well-grilled. not too hangus like in some places. another must-try. of course there are other treats in the menu – the popular grilled meat on skewers that you can eat with the lovely bread. we might try that one next!


* * *


just realized it’s been months since I’ve been to my favorite makan place for mandi rice tawasol. well, afghan khorasan is closer to my place, and the food is equally delicious, so I apologize if I were to hang out here more, okay tawasol? no hard feelings!

afghan khorasan kabab, you’ll be seeing more of me!


Nadiah Sidek said...

samalah...tak suka kismis kat nasi. mesti tak makan kismisnya

Zamila Aleiya Zahari said...

sedapkan afghan khorasan... dah pergi situ.mesti nak duduk kt bersila tu jugak.senang anak kecik ku nak golek2 :)

transformed housewife said...

I wish I could reach and touch the bread too! hehe

Fauziah said...

I have not tried at this restaurant but this is closer. afghan food taste really good. not too rich and hits the spot just nice.thanks sis...

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, sebok je kismis tu kan. xpasal2 ade manis2 masa makan nasi :P

>> zamila aleiya, ari tu makan bersila siap my eldest son tido lagi kat carpet tu :P

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, mmg gebu sgt! sedap!

>> fauziah dear, it's definitely one of our favorite makan places now!!! :D

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