Saturday, November 3, 2012

Splashing Good Time @ Sohar Beach, Oman

let me take you back to oman. swimming in the arabian sea. black sandy beach stretching along the gulf of oman. calm winds. the coast of india somewhere in the stretch of the ocean, beyond sight. what a treat!

this is sohar beach, oman and we dropped by one evening on our way back to dubai after spending few days in muscat.



my favorite shot of the day! FUN OVERLOAD!



the locals were playing beach-football and my boys were caught in the ‘battlefield’! can you spot kahfi near the ball? and kazim seemed oblivious that there were men as tall as coconut trees running and shouting by his side!


playing catch with the waves!


khaleef braved the calm sea and completely undisturbed by the big waves. this was the first time that I felt so nervous for khaleef as he kept going further out than he should. I kept shouting “not too far khaleef!!!” but bapak was always near, so he’s in good hands and eyes!

kahfi was iffy at first but cautiously tried to follow. kazim? kazim was surprisingly not affected by the knee-deep sea and waves as tall as he is! he fell down many times in the salty water, but got up and walked towards the waves again and again. that’s my boy!


kazim : the undefeated!



kahfi, one with the waves : a gorgeous shot by mr. khairul. I can’t get over of how fantastically timed this shot was! and only taken by a point-and-shoot sony camera!


mala said...

nice tshirt! kita orang pun tak dak lagi tshirt "i love oman" hehehe

Nia said...

alamak,...baru tersedar, i tak pernah bawak Diha mandi laut pun. Budak2 suka kan kalau mandi tempat open mcm tu..hmm,..kena plan ni..

Syigim said...

>> mala, takpe mala duk situ bila2 pun boleh beli ;) kami pun tak dak lagi tshirt "i love dubai"! hihi

>> nia, mesti pegi! tapi saspen jugak bwk budak2 mandi laut. takut seronok sgt sampai lupa safety! take care ok! :)

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