Thursday, September 27, 2012

Biker Dads Meet Over Tempe & Sambal Petai

banker, lawyer, and professionals by day - biker dudes by night (sometimes early morning too on weekends! haha) what I like about their passion is that it’s not only just bike-talk and its parts, but the camaraderie and brotherhood that comes with it when they ride together side by side on the open road.

to me they’re just a couple of hardworking dads finding great escapes, speeding on metal horses with the wind in their face!


from left : helmey, abg ezam, manx, syamsulfaiz and my mr khairul


it’s time to have a meeting again for these biker dads, and this round they had it in abu dhabi, hosted by manx and wife zira. we started with an absolutely delicious dinner of lauk kampunggulai ikan, sambal udang ngan petai, daging masak halia and one rare dish in the arab emirates – sayur kacang, sohun dgn tempe!

even writing about it now made me drool!

(they had one meeting in our place last few months. read about it here.)






* * *


dah kenyang, tummy all filled – let’s get serious – meeting time!




* * *


thanks to the lovely couple manx & zira for welcoming us to their new nest, and the yummy food too! and we even got some tempe to take home! thanks!

(bila la aku nak masak tempe ni..)

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