Friday, September 7, 2012

Khaleef : Back to School!

new semester starts. year 2 awaits. are you ready for school, khaleef?


cool khaleef on his first day of school last wednesday. he usually goes by bus, tapi sebab hari pertama kan, manjakan sikit. hihi. bapak sent and picked him up from school.


it was actually amusing to see the school on its first day – mak bapak berpusu-pusu macam kat pasar malam, holding tight to their sons and daughters. teachers standing by their classroom doors waiting for their students to arrive one by one. security guards helping clueless parents to guide them to the classes.

I was one of the clueless parents kot. haha.


this was the weekend before school starts – we went to the designated uniform store to buy new school uniform for khaleef. ok tak sangka kedai ni besar gile! this was our first time here, because usually we buy the school uniform at his school. this time we missed the assigned date to buy from school because we just returned from malaysia.


uniform, uniform. you just need to tell the staff which school your kid is going to – and let him do the rest!


little brothers sitting patiently while big brother tried out the school uniform.



bapak looking for PE (physical edu) uniform. when we were in school, bapak was in red house and mak was in the yellow house. khaleef? blue house! we didn’t buy new blue-t-shirt since he can still wear the old one, but he needed a new track bottom – yang lama dah senteng! anak mak dah tinggi!



2 sizes bigger this time around. my eldest all grown up! sob sob.


the best thing about all this prep was that khaleef himself was pretty excited to start school. I don’t have to motivate him, he’s already psyched up about school.

he can’t wait to meet his old friends from year 1. he can’t wait to get on the yellow school bus again. he saw his new school books and he can’t wait to continue his arabic lessons. learn new songs. alhamdulillah. play hard and study smart, my son!


Affieza said...

Wow..setiap sekolah uniform lain2 ekh kt Dubai?

Syigim said...

yes affieza, uniform sekolah di dubai semua lain2. :) tak mcm di malaysia :)

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