Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Nephew in TheStar Performing Action Song for Raya

my adorable nephew haqeem syahid is in an award-winning singing team in his school. it’s not just singing, it’s also a lot of movement, showing your emotion and expressing yourself through music. that’s why it’s called ‘action song’. it’s more theatrical and that’s why I LOVE it!

sigh. second child has always shown glimmer and glamour on stage…I was there once!

anyways, he was in the papers few days back -



my nephew haqeem is in the far left, in front datuk seri dr zambry


haqeem and his teammates from SK seri ampang performed their exuberant ‘action song’ during a hari raya celebration in my hometown ipoh, for groups of orphans of ‘akademi ikatan muslimin and maahad tahfiz’ and pakcik makcik from the old folks home of ‘rumah seri kenangan indah’.

their audience also include perak mentri besar datuk seri dr zambry abdul kadir and wife.

for full story at thestar online, click here.

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