Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why I Love Travelling with Abah

this post is a tribute to the best traveller I’ve ever known, my abah Haji Sharifuddin, in conjunction with his 65th birthday on 20th september 2012. europe, middle east, down under and the neighbouring asian cities – he has travelled far, travelled wide.

selamat panjang umur, abah! may Allah shower you with wealth in health and happiness; blessing in this world and the hereafter. amin. happy 65th!


my abah, on the streets of vietnam. taken from my sister’s tumblr : favorite waffle


why I love to travel with abah :

  1. abah prepares a whole itinerary for that particular vacation. from the flight, hotel, the places to visit and prayer times while in that country – hour to hour, day to day – he’s got it all planned and written down. we’re just happy to get on board and follow along!
  2. he googled everything before we even start packing! which malls to go, which hotel has halal breakfast buffet, best tourist attraction, which tram to take, or how much to pay for entrance ticket.
  3. abah is extremely particular about TIME, especially for flights. he dedicated a lot of hours ahead of boarding time so that all of us would be completely ready.
  4. abah reads a lot about the places we’re visiting, so he would share with us what he knows as we go along. a walking travel channel, if you will.
  5. though he must have his fix of rice and lauk-pauk kampung, he doesn’t mind munching mcdonalds at least once anywhere we go. it’s like a must for us girls and abah! thanks abah for going with OUR flow!
  6. when we were younger, of course abah pays for everything! weeee! but now some of us are already married, have kids and earning our own money……..abah STILL pays for most things! hihi. thanks for that, abah! we’re forever your little girls ok!

I thank Allah for continuing to bless abah with the strength and good health to go on travelling and enjoying the sights of the world, as well as the means to take his whole family to enjoy the experience with him in a foreign country. just take it easy, abah. enjoy in your own pace and soak it all in!

me and the girls are very grateful to have all this opportunity to travel with you, abah. you’re our favorite travel agent, and the best tour guide ever!


this is the latest picture of my abah and umi, taken on 16th september when my sister syimot took them out for a birthday dinner. alhamdulillah abah nampak sihat dan ceria at 65 with 5 daughters and 9 grandkids!


(so where are we going to, next? *wink wink* I hope the next big family vacation is to bring everyone to dubai next year – after my youngest sister’s wedding! *excited!*)


* * *



for abah’s birthday last year, my boys sang this fantastic version of ‘birthday song’ with such enthusiasm and excitement – because after they finished singing, they get to eat this one single carrot cupcake that I put right in front of them! haha.

however, this year – there was no cupcake. so no singing! huh! poor anong (abang long) had to do the dedication all by himself while the other younger brothers were completely oblivious!

watch, and I hope it sends you a smile! this is for the birthday boy, my abah!


Affieza said...

Wow bestnya...even dah kahwin your dad still pay for most things...

strawberi said...

lebih kurang ngan prangai my abg long..if pegi bercuti or mana2..dia lah our google..sebab dia dh google everything sblm asked him..

Iryani Noor said...

happy birthday uncle =p..

wah best nyer abah akak, very well prepared... senang berjln kalau dh ada itenary kn, so tak la buang masa nk mencari2 tmpt2 best...

Syigim said...

>> affieza, haha alhamdulillah abah mampu :) kalau dgn abah masih lagi nk manja2! ;)

>> strawberi, bagus lah ade abg long camtu! senang. ikut je sbb diorang dah tau mane nk pegi n ape yg best nk buat! :)

Syigim said...

>> iryani noor, thanks for the wish :)

abah mmg suka siap2 plan sbb tak suka buang masa. kitorang ikut je.. hihi ;)

foodie said...

happy belated birthday to abah syigim! he's so cool googling and getting properly prepared for travelling. mmg best for the companions cos can relax je :)

Syigim said...

thanks for the wish foodie dear :) alhamdulillah having a dad who enjoys travelling n let us kids tag along! hihi

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