Sunday, April 1, 2012

Putera Bongsu Kazim is 2WO

to everyone else, it may be april fool day. to us, it’s april FOOD day! ok, bad joke but really APRIL 1st is my youngest prince’s birthday – so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZIM! you’re 2 today!

when you were confirmed by doc as being A BOY, mak and bapak just laughed it off as another wonderful surprise gift from Allah. no girl yet for this third one, but you’re still very much a gem in our hearts.



10 fun facts about Kazim Khairul on his 2nd birthday :

  1. was born in al-wasl hospital, the best maternity hospital in dubai. my labor pain was barely a few hours. pagi sakit, tengahari dah deliver. senang. thank you, kazim!
  2. he likes to *read*. he can spend hours just sitting down on the floor by the bookrack and flipping through his picture books and stopping long enough to look at the pictures.
  3. favorite tv shows are ‘bo on the go’ and ‘imagination movers’. a big fan of shrek too. also love watching youtube videos on animal sounds.
  4. i just stopped breastfeeding him few months ago. read all about it here.
  5. drinks cranberry juice in a bottle before napping.
  6. picking a fight with abang ngah kahfi is a routine EVERY MORNING.
  7. absolutely nuts about any animals that make the growling, roaring sound – lions, dinosaurs, dogs, crocodile, bears. naturally, would imitate these animals’ sound. grrr! rawwr!
  8. hates being photographed. haven’t gotten that natural cam-whore passion that his eldest brother has. haha.
  9. will cry very badly whenever i go into the bathroom, for whatever reason. EVERYTIME, and i do mean EVERYTIME. when i come out, the cries and mengamukness will instantaneously stop.
  10. without a doubt, THE MOST manja mengada between the three, even when the other two were his age. loves to cuddle, kiss, hugs and literally just dangling around my neck – no matter when, where and why. sometimes it’s just because!


* * *




* * *


how did birthday boy celebrate his 2nd birthday?




we went to JBR for a light evening birthday snack (since bapak is having a dinner date with some malaysian guests tonight), and after that a stop at the water fountain for some crazy fun time. birthday boy had a blast. and yes, it was VERY hard to make him stop and get him to leave!

enjoy the clip!



happy birthday, kazim sayang mak. we all love you very much, and wishing you would finally STOP crying when mak needs to answer nature’s call, ok. haha. till next year!


amirah said...

hahaha..i just can imagine it..same here..haha..happy second birthday sweetie

Sparkly Sharky said...

Happy Birthday Kazim!!
You r a cute boy

Affieza said...

Happy Birthday for the cute Kazim...

Syigim said...

thanks girls! :D kazim say thanks n muah muah ;)

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