Thursday, April 26, 2012

Football Match : Who Wins Atuk Cup?

my boys are at my dad’s place in ipoh – and that means they get to get rough and tough with their cousins abg haiqal and abg haqeem in a game of football!

the boys wore matching outfit – the very recognizable yellow harimau malaya (malaysian tigers) football jersey. i love the colors so much! black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow…

atuk’s cucu (minus icha and nuna) from left : kahfi (eyes closed), sufya in red, haqeem holding adam’s shoulder, haiqal holding kazim’s shoulder, and khaleef in the far right.

eldest cousin abg haiqal is currently under rigourous training to be a football player representing his school. he’s really passionate, and khaleef had fun ‘interviewing’ him as he put on his elaborate protection gears.




this is how the game ended…haha. if you notice kahfi didn’t join the match. he was just sitting around plucking out the grass, or sitting on the swing – he really doesn’t fancy football!

kazim and best-cuz adam rolling around on the grass

the pompom girls, from left : icha, nuna & cuya

atuk podin’s harimau malaya! the really were TIGERS waiting to be unleashed…especially the dubai tigers! haha!


firahadifa said...

owh ! so cuteeee

transformed housewife said...

seronok tgk gambar2 td. kitaorg ni yg besar cuma anak2 knur. yg lain kecik2 lg. lgpun skrg sorang je boy, 3 girls.

Syigim said...

>> firahadifa, cute like their aunty! i la tu haha ;)

>> kak nur, kalau pegi belah suami mcm tu jgk. yg besa cuma my kids. belah sana ade sorang je girl. bising pun dtg frm my boys! hihi

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