Friday, April 27, 2012

You Can Get Mandi Rice in Ipoh @ Malika Saba, Greentown

i know middle east restaurants are mushrooming around KL-selangor, and it’s fairly easy to get a plate of mandi rice around that area these days – but in ipoh too?

i was very surprised to know that there is a mandi rice restaurant in ipoh – the greentown area. and what’s more pleasantly surprising, is that it’s really delicious, and comparable to the ones i’ve tasted in dubai! yes, middle east restaurant ‘malika saba’ has brought the true taste of middle east to ipoh!

seriously, rasanya memang macam di dubai! do try!

the chicken was nothing short of perfection. the taste, the texture, the look – this IS the chicken for mandi rice. and that’s all i can say! well done, ‘malika saba’!

the mandi rice – it has to be soft, shouldn’t be dry, and of course should be so tasty! and this rice has it all. another plus point for ‘malika saba’. this is important, because in al-rawsya at ampang, the mandi rice looks and taste like chicken rice…

the veggies differ from restaurants to restaurants – but one thing is for sure, all must be FRESH! ‘malika saba’ added cut-up tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage as their salad, and they were just fine. a simple addition to the delicious mandi rice.

i didn’t take picture of the ‘sambal’ or the dip of blended cili and tomatoes – but my comment is just that it’s probably the spiciest i’ve tasted. it’s yummy, but spicy!

as you noticed, we didn’t eat there at ‘malika saba’. abah bought some back (just tapau) as he doesn’t want the hassle of bringing my boys haha. so makan kat rumah je. and that’s why i don’t have pictures of the interior, though i feel that it’s quite a nice place to eat from the pictures i see on the net.

i got this picture of its entrance from this website ‘motormouth from ipoh’. read his/her interesting review and beautiful pictures from ‘malika saba’ ipoh. there’s also clear direction to the place.

do try, it’s like the real thing!

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KL girl now in Ipoh said...

Tried this place last night, yes it's quite good! Will go there again to try their other dishes.

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