Saturday, April 21, 2012

Syida & Nash : Pretty Peach Reception

after the obligatory nikah or solemnisation, now comes the kenduri, or reception. they have been declared husband and wife, and now it’s time to share the happy news with the whole family and dear friends.

the theme : romantic peachy-pink. so in love.



the bride, my younger sister syida, and the groom, my new bro-in-law nash



my family : abah, umi, my sisters, me and mr. khairul, my bros-in-law, my sons, my nephews and nieces.



may Allah shower them with everlasting laughs and love (and lots of patience and understanding!)






my abah with my boys. thanks abah for everything. abah rest now, because in december we have to repeat the process!!! hihi



next in line…my baby sis azot & her fiance faiz


a special thanks to my aunty cik too for helping us gubah the hantaran and so much more. thanks for all who came, and helping out in one way or another. THANK YOU! we’ll see you all again in december…

these gorgeous shot was taken by my future-bro-in-law faiz. thanks bro!


Didi said...

what pretty shades of pink and peach! I <3 it!

lina said...

comel nya termasuk syigim...sgt comel la kalian ni...

Syigim said...

>> didi, pretty colors for love right :)

>> kak lina, thanks :) syigim lah yg plg comel kan? hihi....

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