Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cool Artwork & Stuff @ Gerbang Malam, Ipoh

‘gerbang malam’ is literally translated as ‘gateway of the night’. nama macam night club dalam citer p. ramlee je kan haha. this name refers to a ‘night market’ in the ipoh town, which is like our usual pasar malam, only without the food. the stalls there offer clothing, shoes, phone accessories, and even a massage service in a small makeshift.

apart from the dramatic name, it all sounds so regular and mundane, right? but one of the stalls really captured our attention – in a really *artful* way!




the ‘gerbang malam’ night market in ipoh is located at jalan tahwil azhar, along the bank simpanan nasional. you’ll recognize the stretch by its rather ‘grand’ entrance on each side, that says ‘gerbang malam’. it opens from 7pm to 2am.




i was there at ‘gerbang malam’, ipoh the night after my sister’s wedding reception. i actually tagged along with my youngest sister’s buddies who came and spent the night to attend the wedding. my kiddos were with my in-laws and my husband went out with my uncles – so i was feeling rather ‘young’ and very ‘free’! *wink wink*

it was an odd mixed-feeling of relief, freedom, excitement and at the same time ‘incomplete’ – being able to just stay out very late, walking around town with a bunch of youngsters, without pushing a stroller or screaming my kids’ name every 12 seconds!

azot, dylla, bell, dot, and faiz – appreciate you guys including this 32 year old in that night outing! 



me and my youngest sis azot looking at cheap, beautiful brooches. we got two big-big ones each to put on the front of our kebaya. nice, huh?




no food stalls, but i noticed this supermarket trolley filled with buns, egg tarts, and some other pastries for sale. there’s even a loud-hailer on the side for the seller to welcome customers to his trolley-stall!


* * *




now THIS is the stall that captured our attention. it’s a stall that sells art – in the form of sketch portraits drawn in pencil. the ‘artist’s name is hamid if i’m not mistaken, and he’s been opening the stall in ‘gerbang malam’, ipoh for quite some time.

his portraits are bold, and beautiful in its simplicity, with attention to details – in just a pencil sketch! i know there must be tons of artists like him trying their luck at central market, KL but i was surprised to see such a unique stall in ipoh. and his drawings are really good!

from the first moment i laid eyes on his sketch of a very recognizable picture of the legendary p. ramlee playing the violin, i knew i had to buy some of his sketches for my home in dubai.




his sketches range from popular entertainment icons like p. ramlee, kurt cobain and audrey hepburn to historical buildings in perak like the menara condong (leaning tower – yes we have a leaning tower too in perak! haha) of teluk intan to kampung houses too! all drawn in such beautiful strong strokes of the pencil.

and yes, i ended up buying ONLY two framed sketches – the ipoh railway station (which is this really gorgeous old colonial building) and a rumah kampung (village house) with coconut tree and all. i would’ve bought more but i was thinking of the weight when i want to bring it back to dubai.




from left : dot in black tudung, bell and dylla in green T. azot’s gal pals bought some for themselves too – there are small ones drawn in color – quotes, abstract drawings and even cartoon characters; drawn on thin plywood that is perfect for a keychain or just to hang on your bagpack.


my sister and her fiance faiz negotiating a bargain. i would say i got a rather reasonable price for this wonderful artwork, and would definitely come again bringing mr. khairul so that we can buy many more drawings!

the artist is the dude in blue sitting down. i wish him all the best in his endeavour to share with the world on how he sees it – through his sketches, and his pencil.


dot said...

bila kak syiqim mention pasal gantung kat bagpack tu.. rase rugi plak tak beli yg kecik buat gantung kat bag.. kena pg ipoh lagi ni beli lagi satu. hehehhe

tq gak tuk kak syiqim, sudi jalan2 ngan kitaorg.. :)

Syigim said...

>> dot dot, kak syigim pun rase patutnya beli yg kecik tulih i love ipoh tu! :) thanks to korang sudi menjoinkan kak syigim! :)

xuk said...

i spotted the pencil sketch artwork just now at gerbang malam

Anonymous said...

hello there,
are they drawing our own face portrait too?bcz i am looking one..
aniway nice blog there.. :)

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