Saturday, April 7, 2012

6-Hour Dubai-Msia Flight With the Kay Boys

5 facts on agent syigim’s new mission. mission impossible?

syigim, your mission should you choose to accept, is to relocate three of our secret agents – agent K, agent K and agent K to a secure location somewhere in the peninsular malaysia. your flight from dubai will depart approximately at 1030. please be advised that the three agents are armed and dangerous. armed with cheekiness and mischiefs. we will deny any knowledge of this mission should you or any of the three agents be caught. this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.



agent K and agent K are listening to instructions of their missions.



don’t be fooled by agent K’s innocent facade. he is THE mastermind.


* * *


FACT #1 : seating arrangement was strategic.

we got the 4-in-a-row seats, right by the lavatory. i was glad because when khaleef needs to go to the toilet, it would be just beside his seat, so i don’t have to worry about him going too far away. when i needed to go while kazim is asleep, i just went quickly and still made it without any trouble – and even if kazim woke up in the middle, i would be able to hear and could dash out ASAP. this did not happen, and most of the time i was able to go – in peace! hihi.




* * *

FACT #2 : finally enjoying in-flight entertainment.

since kazim is already 2 years old, he had his own seat, instead of sitting on my lap and sleeping in a bassinet. when he was sitting on my lap, i had to share the screen with him so i watched nothing but disney cartoons! and even when he was asleep and i can put him in the bassinet, i cannot concentrate on watching any movies because i was always on the alert in case he wakes up.

well, i LOVE disney cartoons and can watch it over and over again with kazim on my lap, but it is kinda nice to be able to watch grown-ups movies this time, from start to finish. so it was - the first time really enjoyed the in-flight entertainment. yay!



first movie i picked was ‘sherlock holmes : a game of shadows’. always wanted to watch this but never had the chance. i LOVE sherlock holmes THE BOOK. plus jude law is just the handsomest, and i like robert downey jr. but i’m sorry his sherlock holmes is not like what i pictured him to be. and sorry again, i didn’t get the plot even in the first 15 minutes. i wasn’t impressed, and decided no matter what the box-office says – i did NOT like this movie. stopped halfway thru, and picked another movie.



i watched ‘new year’s eve’ next, wondering why didn’t i pick this movie first. this movie turned out to be so MANY THINGS. sweet, uplifting, sad, funny, feel-good – it’s a really enjoyable movie with interesting multiple storylines that kept viewers glued to see what happens next to whom!

oh, such a wondeful movie; and why not – just look at the cast list – hillary swank, zac efron, michelle pfeiffer, sarah jessica parker, aston kutcher, robert de niro, halle barry,  jessica biel, catherine heigl, sophia vergara, russel peters, alyssa milano and even jon bon jovi! all the characters experienced the new year’s eve in various circumstances that will move you, make you rejoice, make you cry, make you smile and definitely will make you reflect. a must-see.



i love browsing through the ‘world channel’, checking out the synopsis to see if there were any movies i would like from other parts of the world. i stumbled upon ‘wild 7’ – a japanese movie that sounds pretty interesting – a story about this really cool motorcycle group made up of 7 bergaya ex-cons that help fight crimes for the police, but in secret. nice.


* * *




FACT #3 : in-flight food.

the kids meal was yummy, just PERFECT for my *italian* boys. it’s tube pasta and marinara sauce with beef. it’s fairly good, they loved it, and i was just glad that they’re eating something on a 6-hour flight. it was so nice watching them all nice and snug under the covers with the tray of yummies in front of them; and they’re watching their favorite cartoon. relaxed!




* * *



i absolutely love the snack box. usually it’s just a cardbox, but this was the first time the boys got an actual plastic box with a nice cover and all. it’s really nice! they can use it as a lunch box to bring to school. as usual, yummy little goodies inside.




* * *



the choice was between chicken curry and breaded fish. i wanted the chicken. duuh. but when the tray came to my seat, “sorry, there is no more chicken.” WHY? get this, “..because everyone wanted chicken.” well, apparently everyone else seemed to be getting one but me. so what, i’m not important enough to get chicken too? how come i’m the one who had to give in and take fish instead of the *everyone else* who wanted chicken and got it?

anyway, ALHAMDULILLAH – at least i have something to eat, and it is surprisingly nice tasting fish, yummy mashed potato and pretty nice steamed veggies. overall an okay dish. you got lucky, emirates!


* * *




FACT #4 : kazim slept during the first 2 hours of flight. kahfi slept throughout the middle of the journey. khaleef slept towards the end. these agents seemed to have it all timed-out. brilliant! they always have TWO agents awake watching out for me!


* * *




FACT #5 : alhamdulillah, safely arrived earlier than the ETA, and my younger sisters and their future hubs were already waiting at the gate. it was such a wonderful sight of my youngest sis waving frantically as i walked out of the departure gate. i had to wave back enthusiastically too! even more so! haha. *WAVE WAVE!*



this is love! my sisters with their dubai nephews kahfi and khaleef, with their beloved sister whom they have been missing so very much! hihi. and then off we went to my other sister’s house for a little makan-makan. it was a great fun day of late-night talks with shrill voices and extremely loud laughters. it was the best.


Nadiah Sidek said...

tabik la syigim! kite tak confident la nak naik flight dengan 2 beradik ni. mahu pengsan dibuatnya :p

Liz Rohaizat said...

super mom! hehehe... 6 jam eh. saya sorang anak, 2 jam setengah pun dah risau

transformed housewife said...

Reading your entry had reminded me of my own experience of flying from Auckland to KL for 9 hours with my two princesses. I also managed to survive.

Affieza said...

Wow...bestnya balik Malaysia...

Mother of Two said...

syigim patutnya kena tambah satu lagi agent K hehehehe.. my style jam yg pertama sy kasik diaorg main clay, jam yg ke 2 award dgn coloring books jam yg seterusnya tgk portable cd..pastu ulang balik..smpiler landing keyell...

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, blom cuba blom tau ;) hihi

>> liz, we're all supermoms in our own way! ;) alhamdulillah kali ni semua ok :)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, WOW 9-hour flight is more that i will ever experience! hihi. but with 2 girls was not much hassle, i presume ;)

>> affieza, mmg best! malaysia pun rasa best hihi

Syigim said...

sheila, diorang ni sukati je nak buat ape. kira nasib la tu bila diorang tido/asyik tgk screen/sibuk makan hihi

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