Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ijab Kabul Syida & Nash : My Sister is Married!

so people, this was why i came back to malaysia!

she was my roomate in abah’s house while we were just two comot little girls. and now she’s someone’s wife. congratulations to my younger sister SYIDA who weds office sweetheart NASH in a simple yet meaningful ceremony in ipoh last saturday.

may Allah bless this happy union with endless love, happiness, laughter, patience and tolerance.


the sharifuddin clan opens our door to a new bro-in-law – welcome NASH! you're in our circle of trust now, hihi!


* * *


my cheeky boys with their aunty da – the beautiful blushing bride… there are SO MANY photographs (as would be expected of a wedding, especially when you’re the host!) but these are some of my favorites, which may not be enough to recall what happened during that nikah day, but it was no less special!


hantaran pihak perempuan – which includes some yummies from dubai!


hantaran pihak lelaki – which includes this adorable little pillow with cross-titch sewn on it! made by the mom-in-law! so sweet!


abah was so busy that he didn’t have time to stop to pose and take pictures. so whenever abah is sitting at one spot, that’s the time we rush in and stand around abah to take a picture! *snap*! thanks to umi too for being so helpful in preparing for this big day.


* * *




* * *


next bride & groom!


…so how DID you meet your husband/wife/cat? hihi


strawberi said...

sweetnya cara dorg jupe..hiihi..n dorg pun sweet jugak..semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu :)

Liz Rohaizat said...

haih, suka betul tgk orang kawen. comel sungguh anak2 akak bergambar dgn makcik diorg.

kdg2, kita jumpa bakal suami/isteri kita di tempat yang tak diduga, betul tak kak?

i met my husband masa i kerja part time di pharmacy. masa semester tu, takde byk kelas. so cari duit lebih. dia pulak dtg nak beli ubat. seminggu sekali dia mesti datang. beli vitamin B la, C la.. ubat batuk la. last2 terkantoi sebab beli vitamin B sedangkan 2 minggu sblm tu dia baru beli vitamin B 100 botol. terus ter malu dan minta phone no.

ok, i should stop now :)

ICA said...

Syigim...I met Ujang when dia bukak the door for me too...kat office! Same like ur sister. Wow, I doakan moga perkahwinan mereka berdua berkekalan sehingga ke hujung nyawa.

your sons cute-cute sgt...rambut tercacak la pulak....

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Congrats to ur sister.. semoga berbahagia hingga ke syurga.. :-)

Affieza said...

Congrats for both of them...May God bless their marriage forever

Silent Scribbler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silent Scribbler said...

Congrats to your sister, Syigim! :-) Semoga bahgia ke anak cucu. How long will you be in Malaysia?

arin said...

congrats syida..and selamat menerima ahli keluarga baru syigim+family..
hhmm..macamana kak arin jumpa my hubby?taun at the first sight.kat library.he is doing his matriculation while kak arin attend short course lepas spm.huhuhuhuhu...

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