Monday, April 9, 2012

Gorgeous Garden @ One Utama

‘garden’ at one utama is actually a restaurant offering various types of dishes from western like lamb shanks and spaghetti, to local yummies like nasi lemak.

(yes people, i’m back home in malaysia!)

when you walk within the concrete walls of one utama and suddenly see greneries with lawn chairs and green shrubs growing across the ceiling; you’re in the right place. that’s ‘garden’ – which explains the name! what’s interesting about ‘garden’ is the interior decor. you eat there and you feel like eating inside of an english house that overlooks the garden of beautiful shrubs and trellises. beautiful place to eat.




my sister’s fiance was there too joining us. hi faiz!




love the interior! so soothing and relaxing!



there’s even a section with adorable little flower pots for sale.







what to eat?

the menu is surprisingly extensive. i thought that this place only serves western food, but it has italian food, and even local delicacies as well. the list of drinks is inviting too.

i was feeling a little out of this world that day, and decided to order something i don’t usually order – i went with fish and chips.



mine was fish and chips. i was a bit disappointed when i first saw the fish, as i expected it would be yellow tempura-fried. but this looks like bread-crumbs. but the first taste proved that it was equally delicious. a simple dish that can fairly satisfy fans of fish and chips – if you don’t mind the bread-crumbs.



it’s served with veggies, slices of lemon for taste, and of course the ‘chips’ or fries. the portion of fries is worth mentioning – it was huge! loved it.



my youngest sis azi went for this italian dish of spaghetti in white sauce with beef bacon i think. delicious as it could be, and she liked it. this was served with lettuce and some cut-up fresh fruits.



my future bro-in-law faiz picked this beautifully-decorated dish of lamb chops. it was very delicious! yes, i had a bite and it was really well-marinated, the texture was tender and the mashed potato just complements the meat. the funny thing was it was served with this kangkong. hmm. really a first for me. otherwise, it was a really good dish.



we also ordered this small plate of fried calamari. the calamari was freshly fried, and tasted good but i just wish that they didn’t spread the dip on the calamari. should’ve put it on the side instead of on the calamari.



i can’t remember the name of this drink but it was delicious! it’s like crushed-ice mango, with fruit coctail thrown in. so yummy.



‘garden’ is at one utama, lower ground floor of the new wing. it’s a beautiful place to eat, serves fairly good food. try it if you want to unwind after a shopping spree!




Sparkly Sharky said...

Salam Syigim,
Welcome back.
Lama ke cuti? Wishing you an enjoyable stay n holiday with your loved ones 

Affieza said...

Enjoy your jln2 plus mkn2 kt Malaysia ye...hehe

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim! Welcome back! Drooling over both the food pics and the gorgeous design of the restaurant... have a great holiday :)

Liz Rohaizat said...

kak syigim, welcome back! haih, ibu beranak 3 ni mmg la menawan. foods nampak sedap. jarang ke sana tapi kalau pergi, nak try juga.

Syigim said...

>> sparkly sharky, salam :) thanks it's great to be back! just a month break for my sister's wedding :)

>> affieza, thanks mmg tgh ENJOY! hopefully tak put on weight sbb makan makan makan! ;)

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, thanks! enjoyin my stay very much! the place is gorgeous, but the food should be better! ;)

>> liz, thanks, sorry lmbat reply comment, smpai dah nk balik ni :) yes, mmg i menawan pun haha ;)

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