Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tangled, Ever After?

i’m a disney girl. always has been, always will be.

i know all the songs from whatever disney movie you can name – from the more popular ones like beauty and the beast or aladdin to the less popular ones like ‘robin hood’ and ‘fox and hound’ to the classics like ‘jungle book’.

so of course i was totally in love with disney’s latest princess in ‘tangled’. i absolutely adore her, the songs were endearing just like any ol catchy disney tune, mandy moore’s voice is uplifting, and flynn rider is just the most handsomest-est (that’s how handsome he is!) disney hero ever drawn.

and just today i discovered that they’re making ‘tangled ever after’! cuteness!



scheduled to be released already in january, it picks up where the last ‘tangled’ left off – flynn and rapunzel are about to be married and the unlikely buddies – pascal the chameleon, and maximus the royal horse lost the ring as they were about to get married! bummer!

so ‘tangled ever after’ is basically about the adventure of the two in recovering the rings. hmm, not too excited about the story focusing on these animals, adorable as they may seem – because i want to see more flynn and rapunzel – and more singing!

however, still looking forward to see it! wonder when is it out in dubai? while i find out, please enjoy this short clip taken from ‘tangled ever after’. flynn and rapunzel are so gorgeous together!



i may have THREE SONS, but khaleef’s favorite disney movie when he was younger was ‘the little mermaid’, and kazim would stop on his track when i put on ‘tangled’. my boys are all disney-ed already. haha.

now, for ‘tangled ever after’!


amirah said...

nape mcm tak pernah nampak any akak mcm best je..

Liz Rohaizat said...

aik, tak tau pun ada sambungan.

tp nampak mcm best. disney cartoon mmg best la. tak boleh nak lawan

i amsterdam said...

I looove disney movies :D

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kan! tak pernah tau pun ade sambungan. ni pun xsengaja je terjumpa :)

>> liz, mesti cute.. cuma mcm the story xfocus on the couple, tp on the animals. disney is the best! :)

Syigim said...

>> i_amsterdam, which is your fav? mine is - so hard to choose from! aladdin probbly? or beauty n the beast? cant decide! ;) toy story trilogy is infectious too!

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