Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shawarma Close to Home @ Ibn Battuta Mall

when we want shawarma, we have to drive about 30 minutes across dubai to the area of bur dubai, deira and karama. that’s where you can get the best shawarma – delicious and cheap!

however, thanks to the info from a fellow malaysian akak ni, i discovered a shawarma closer to home – equally delicious, and relatively cheap! thanks kak su! she said her kids loved the shawarma and usually requested one when she picked them up after school.



this shawarma is in ibn battuta mall, at le bistro. le bistro is right next to geant, so after our weekly grocery shopping we can just head on to get shawarma. it’s not part of the food court, and it’s not really a restaurant. it’s just this long counter selling all sorts of arabic snacks and finger foods. the tables are without chairs – just these tall eating-while-standing type of table you usually see at pizza places.



i ordered the ‘small shawarma’ for 6aed, and mr. khairul took the large one. this is still pretty cheap considering that the ones in bur dubai is aed5. just 1 dirham more to get a shawarma closer to home without facing long driving and bad traffic? definitely a win!

the shawarma is only ready after 12.30 at noon. you have to place your order at the cashier, pay, and then pass the receipt to the staff at the shawarma section. then just wait for your shawarma to be ready.

oh, and try not to drool while you wait in front of the juicy revolving chunk of meat being cooked for your shawarma!



* * *


mr. khairul loved his shawarma, especially the delicious bread used. he wished it could be more spicy (he already asked for a spicy one but it’s still not spicy enough!). what goes into the folded shawarma? there’s chicken bits, pickle and french fries too!


personally i am satisfied with this shawarma – it’s delicious, hot and fresh, with a large portion, even for a ‘small’ shawarma. i wish they would put more of their special yoghurt sauce, because when the portion is huge, some chicken felt dry for lack of sauce. other than that, a nice discovery of a shawarma that is closer to home.


hannan said...

I miss dis! Ibnu battuta mall was where we would hang out cos it's the nearest to our place. Yup, mmg sedap!! Back then I was eating 4 two so everything with protien was yummy hehe;)

Syigim said...

hannan, thanks for dropping a comment! i just found out about it!! should know sooner, no need to go all the way to bur dubai! :)

Unknown said...

Love your post, yeah the shawerma is amazing and super delicious, can never have non spicy shawerma in my life again. Try their South Indian Breakfast it's so amazing :) I have only had it once but I'm going now to get some.

Oh Try the shaerma at the pertol station next to Ibn batuta. I love the one with the turkish break and spicy super yuumi.

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