Sunday, January 1, 2012

Desert Camping Near Camel Road, Dubai-Hatta

we started the new year with desert camping!

well, we didn’t exactly slept on the sand under the stars beneath the cactus tree – but we did join 9 other malaysian families, and pitch our tent at the desert!

it’s winter in dubai, the best time to hang out at the desert…



9 cars zoomed across the camel road along the dubai-hatta route; according to mr. khairul this area is simply known as ‘camel road’.

we took some time to decide where to settle and set up camp. the last time we went to camp at a desert, we went further in so the desert was really vast and was nothing but sand dunes everywhere you look.

(read here for our 1st desert experience with the 3 boys)

however, this time we didn’t go too far inside the desert area, as some of the vehicles might not be able to drive through soft desert sand. so there were more stones, and dry tree branches around the area we stopped at.

well, it was still as beautiful as Allah’s creation can be!



when we finally got the spot, the men got right to pitching up the tents, while the ladies set up the picnic tables with all sorts of yummy homemade dishes. a few of them would be spending the night there, and the rest would leave – including us!

we almost wanted to stay – we’ve got the tent, we’ve brought comforters and pillows and extra socks – but without sleeping bags, i fear it could get extremely cold as the night progresses. winter in dubai can be very cold – and this is winter in DESERT dubai – it’s definitely way colder in the night!

so we decided, maybe next time lah! hihi. when we’re much better prepared…


see how deep kahfi’s feet went into the sand as he walked!

the boys had tons of fun going up and down the sand dune. now this time, the sand dune was so steep, that i was left breathless trying to climb up to the top of the dune. seriously people, it’s NOT as easy as it looks. especially when your feet sink so deep into the sand as you’re trying to push yourself up. phew! letih gile weh naik bukit pasir tu!



as the night creeps in, the boys lepak inside the tent. now this is my FIRST time of really hanging out inside a tent, in the middle of nowhere. mr. khairul is a king’s scout so he’s SO used to camping out – but i’m the exact opposite, camping for more than 12 hours (especially when kids aged 1-6 are involved!) is a no-no haha.

nways, it was really comfy and cozy hanging out inside the tent. away from the chilling breeze of the desert, we got really warm and toasty inside the tent. especially so seeing the camp fire at a distance. really toasty!



* * *



this was one of our many, many, MANY attempts at taking my picture with the boys. failed! miserably! haha. kazim kept wanting to escape. kahfi hated posing for the camera. and while khaleef loves to be photographed, he kept complaining about the sun in his eyes. oh, man!

oh well – there’s always the next time, and the next, and the next…


* * *


seeing this posting one day, i hope my sons realize how lucky there are to be able to experience this beautiful landscape that cannot be found in our home country malaysia. some people can enjoy snow, some live life by the beach, and some breathe the fresh kampung air – they got to play in the biggest sand-box ever!



amirah said...

menariknya aktiviti ni...bestnya..

Syigim said...

best! kalau dapat tido semalaman kat padang pasir tu sure lagi best! tp maybe bila budak2 ni dah besa sikit :)

Remon said...

Visit also Hatta Mountain Safari because it is also a great place for trip.

Ali Dhow said...

Hatta Mountain Safari is such a best place to visit,

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