Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dubai is Cold!

it was not THIS cold last year. i remember because during winter last year, i didn’t need socks to walk around the house. this year, the winter hit dubai hard, and it’s windy everyday! REALLY WINDY. i look out the window, and see the trees swaying like mad each morning and evening.

when i send khaleef down to his bus daily, we had to stand by the wall – if not, we’d feel the full blow of the winter wind. really cold!

yes, it’s WINTER in dubai, and it’s a really COLD one these days!



too bad i didn’t capture the one with 10 degrees once!


but hey, this is not a complain posting ok. this is just a report hihi.

because, alhamdulilah, windy or too windy – i’m enjoying the cold dubai winter. this is the short time of year where we can go out for a walk in dubai, and feel like we’re somewhere in europe – with our thick jackets, snow caps and pashmina wrapped around our neck. also, by next month, temperature will start to rise again… enjoy the cool weather while we can!

boleh la berangan kejap!




i hear malaysia is enjoying HOT weather, no? i miss you, malaysia!

(our own paper thestar actually wrote about winter in dubai in this 2011 article. click here. however the last line of the article about booking MAS flights to dubai – not happening anymore! what, didn’t you hear? MAS does not fly to dubai anymore…)


Silent Scribbler said...

Hey Syigim, glad to hear that you are enjoying the relatively cold weather. We have the opposite problem; I would so love it if Ohio gets a bit hot. He he he he. Conclusion nya: Malaysia jugak best dari segala segi. :-P

joyahsport said...

kan...nk pijak lantai pon malu skang...sejuuukkkk...

Syigim said...

>> aisha, there's no place like home! tp msia pun ramai komplen panas! hihi

>> joyah, mmg sejukkkkk tp bestttt! :D

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