Monday, January 23, 2012

the Tale of Rasulullah SAW and Oranges



one day, a non-muslim woman came to Rasulullah SAW bearing gifts – a few ripe oranges. the oranges were round and beautiful, very tantalizing. at that time, Rasulullah SAW was with his companions. Prophet Muhammad SAW graciously accepted the gift with a smile. then he ate the orange one slice after another. still with a smile on his face.

usually, when Rasulullah SAW ate with his companions, he would definitely offer some to them, but this time, he did not. he did not offer anyone even a single slice. Rasulullah SAW continued eating, every time with a smile, until he finished all the oranges. the other companions were perplexed with Rasulullah SAW’s behaviour.

then the non-muslim woman left, while Rasulullah SAW thanked her for the oranges.

that’s when the companions asked Rasulullah SAW why – with a smile he answered, “do you know that actually the oranges were so sour from the very first slice that i tasted? if you were to eat those oranges with me, i worry that one of you might squint your eyes because it’s too sour, or might be angry at the woman. i worry that she might be offended. that is why i finished all the oranges myself.”

and so it was, the mark of Rasulullah SAW’s high character – he will not look down on anyone’s gift even when the gift was not a good one, and even when it is from a non-muslim.


to emulate our beloved Rasulullah SAW’s character, we should always appreciate other’s gifts even when it’s not to our liking. just say thank you, and accept it with a sincere heart, because every gift is a rezeki from Allah.

got this from a friend’s FB page, shared from imam muda nazrul. it was originally in BM. it’s a very simple story, yet so meaningful, displaying one of many Rasulullah SAW’s great virtues. we should always try to apply Rasulullah SAW’s sunnah and exceptional character to the best of our capabilities.

GONG XI FA CHAI to chinese muslims celebrating chinese new year, and to all my chinese budies whereever you are! aku tak boleh makan limau lebih dari sebijik. confirm batuk!

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Liz Rohaizat said...

hah, ustazah saya pernah menceritakan tentang kisah rasulullah dan buah oren nie. begitu mulia peribadi Rasulullah. tahu menjaga air muka tetamu dan berterima kasih kepada rezeki yang diberikan.

kalau tak silap, ustazah saya kata tetamu tu sengaja menguji Rasulullah dengan cara memberi limau yg masam. tetamu tu nak tengok apa reaksi Rasulullah.

amirah said...

sgt2 murni sikap Rasullullah SAW..

Syigim said...

>> liz, a ah mmg cerita penuhnya begitu. kak pun ade baca tp saje tak bubuh sbb moral cerita pun dah jelas without that bit pun. best sgt cerita ni, simple je kan tp penuh mesej :)

>> amirah, Rasulullah SAW mmg the best role model for us :)

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