Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Devil’s Double, Our Idiot Brother & Another Earth

syigim’s cinema is open with another reviews of 3 latest movies to grace the silver screen.

i watched a disturbing movie based on true accounts of the man who claimed to be the body double to uday saddam hussein in ‘the devil’s double’. the next movie is ‘our idiot brother’, the delightfully funny story of a brother with three sisters and how he changed their lives. finally, ‘another earth’, a movie about a world where another planet was just discovered; a planet that is exactly like our earth. exactly. including having another version of us in it!


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was the son of saddam hussein really THAT sadistic downright psychotic? disturbing tortures, have naked birthday parties, kidnap young schoolgirls from the street and kill her when he’s ‘done’ with her? randomly shooting people according to his whims and fancies?

it was really disturbing how uday was potrayed in this movie – told through the eyes of the man who was recruited to become his body-double. very graphic, and very real.

dominic cooper delivered an oscar-worthy performance as both uday saddam hussein and the body double latif yahiya. i know him as this manly hot dude from the movie ‘an education’, and was surprised at his transformation for this double role. well done! as uday, he is this loud-mouthed goofy-looking prince with very unpredictable violence. as latif yahiya, he is this cool english-accented military man forced into this undesirable situation.

i’m not sure whether to recommend this movie, or warn you against it – but it’s probably too controversial to be ignored. your call.


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this is a really cute movie. i don’t have any brothers, so i’m sometimes fascinated with the relationship mr. khairul has with his 3 sisters. mostly funny, sometimes caring and at times obnoxious like only a brother can be! this is a tale of a brother, and how he inadvertently changed the lives of his 3 sisters…

ned is a simple-minded guy, sweet and caring. fresh out of prison, he stays with his sisters – one at a time. each time he stays with a sister, he somehow gets involved in their lives with dreadful (but funny) consequence. he doesn’t mean to make things worse, as he is always just being honest, and wants the best for his sisters.

kind off like forrest gump, but instead of the annoying ‘jenny’ character, we have 3 sisters.

paul rudd does well in his ‘ned’ character. he’s endearing, funny and loveable. no matter how much he goofs up and messes with his sisters lives, you can’t help but feel sorry for him, and hates the sisters! haha. speaking of sisters, they did very nicely too playing the sister part. great acting.

overall a light comedy-drama to laugh, to cry and to just remember how much you need your siblings in your life, no matter how ‘stupid’ the things they do! hihi. highly recommended!


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i’m so glad i stumbled upon this award-winning indie movie. it was such a moving piece – original storyline, powerful performance from these relatively unknown actors, wonderful cinematography and a banging ending. a must-see.

that night, a duplicate of our planet was discovered. another planet that is exactly like our planet, in every single way – including having another us in that planet! another person who is exactly like you. on that same night, a brilliant student crossed path with an accomplished successful composer in a tragic accident, that will change their lives forever.

i will leave the synopsis at that, as i don’t want to spoil your viewing pleasure any further. the pace of the story might be a tad slow for those who prefer fast-action-packed movies, but i’m telling you that the conclusion of the story is SO worth the wait, and will hit you right between the eye. it was like, woah. i absolutely LOVE the ending.

this movie is more than just a sci-fi drama about the discovery of a new planet with CGI-ed aliens – i recommend this movie strongly to all who believe in hope, believe in forgiveness and second chances.

enjoy the trailer.



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until we meet again in the next movie review!


amirah said...

The Devil's Double tu review nya macam best la kak ..best gak sekali sekala wat movie marathon camni kan

Sparkly Sharky said...

I just watched Another Earth last night n liked it as well. Guilt, redeeming herself n asking forgiveness. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the ending part.

Syigim said...

>> amirah, bila ade mood tu mmg berderet je movie tgk :) devil's double to violent sikit, kalau minat xpe.. ;)

>> sparkly sharky, the ending was heart-stopping kan?! i love what she did, and then the conclusion was like - wow. more than words!

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