Thursday, January 5, 2012

Asean Delight @ Spore Deli, Karama

are you a malaysian tourist in dubai sick of all the indian briyani and western fast food in your travels here? have some food close to home at ‘singapore deli’ in karama – offering singapore-malaysia-indo dishes that are hot and spicy – just as we asians like it!

if you’re a malaysian staying in dubai and has never heard of ‘singapore deli’, then you haven’t really lived in dubai. haha. or maybe you’re just a REALLY fantastic cook. huhu.



we’ve been here many times before when we first came to dubai around 2008 but i never got around to blog about it. now after a long time since we last came, we decided to have our dinner here.

it’s in karama, right opposite the burjuman center.

since the weather is nice and cozy and chilly, we enjoyed having our hot dinner right outside. it was more windy than usual that night, but when else can we savour winter in dubai than this time of year? just sit back and enjoy the cold air lah!



how’s their menu like?

interesting dishes that sounds suspiciously more indo than singaporean dishes – nasi tumpeng mini, nasi pepes, nasi timbel, nasi pecel ayam; down to the usual malaysian delights like nasi lemak and ayam panggang. the most singaporean dishes would be the chicken rice, and of course singapore meehon.

the place should be called asian deli instead! haha. takpe, kita kan serumpun. we have pretty much the same food! share-share makanan ni biase lah. haha.


i would eat this ‘nasi tumpeng mini’ again simply for its delicious sambal tempe goreng! terangkat!


mr. khairul tried the nasi tumpeng mini. this one is called ‘mini’ because usually the ‘nasi tumpeng’ is served with A LOT of different dishes (lauk) in small portion which is arranged all around the cone-shaped yellow rice (yellow because steamed with added tumeric/kunyit powder), and usually served as a celebratory dish – on special occasion.

this mini one was served with ayam panggang (juicy sweet grilled chicken), tempe goreng sambal, cut-up cucumber, egg and keropok. the actual huge-portion nasi tumpeng is also available at singapore deli for the really hungry tummy!



i went for the less-adventurous choice of ayam nasi panggang – which is just white steamed rice served with juicy-sweetly marinated grilled chicken and some cut-up veggie. we requested for a small bowl of plain savoury soup, FOC. it went very well with my plate of grilled chicken and rice. yum.

this dish relied solely on the grilled chicken as it doesn’t have anything else. the grilled chicken is marinated well, and tasted delicious. especially goes well with young kids who doesn’t like spicy food – and my khaleef loved it!


my growing boy had one whole plate all to himself!


if you wanna try another good plate of nasi ayam panggang, try the one in betawi. also a nice small place get indo food. read my review here.

we also tried the tantalizing kangkong belacan – spicy with that unmistakable yumness of belacan, just as it should be. well, of course any abe kelate in lembah klang can make a better plate of kangkong belacan, but we dubai beggars can’t be choosers, right?



it opens daily from 12 noon to 12 midnight, with the exception of friday of course, when they open after friday prayer at 3pm. should you crave for malaysian, indonesian and singaporean dishes in dubai, go to ‘singapore deli’.

..also, it’s just a nice change to visit a restaurant in dubai where you can speak malay to its waiters…


hannan said...

Salam sis,
I came across ur blog while blogwalking & got hooked with it! Loved reading ur stories & reviews. It brought back memories staying there. Singapore deli was near to the place we 1st stayed before renting in discovery gardens. Looking foward for ur next entry;)
Salam ukhuwah


Sparkly Sharky said...

It is so delightful to read all ur blog posts and reviews on food, places to eat and places to visit. Keep them coming!

amirah said...

nasi tumpang tu macam pulut kuning kan tempe dia memang nampak ngancam..mcm basah2 pedas gitu

Syigim said...

salam hannan, welcome to my blog n thanks for leaving a comment :) i take it you're not in dubai anymore? discovery grd is quite near to my place. nice place, eh? :)

do visit again! :)

Syigim said...

>> sparkly sharky, thanks so much for your sweet supportive words! it's so nice to be appreciated. :) keep 'em coming! :)

>> amirah, nasi tumpang tu mmg nasi, bukan pulut. sedapnya kalau pulut kuning! :)

tempe tu mmg sedap! kena je dgn nasi tu :)

check out these postings too!

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