Monday, January 30, 2012

Khaleef’s New Angry School Bag

school has re-opened months ago, but haven’t gotten a new bag for khaleef.

mind you, we’re not the type who want our son to have everything spanking new every year – but the bag he was using was really worn out. i think the bag is not meant for rough school-use, it’s quite small, and not as thick and durable as a school bag should be.



…and then we found this bag.

khaleef was so excited because he had always wanted ANYTHING with angry bird. usually we found stuffed angry birds which does nothing – it’s just stuffed toys. at least this ‘angry bird’ merchandise he can actually USE daily.

i think it’s really cute too because it’s so bright red, with simple design that is not too tacky and has the right amount of side pockets for his water bottle and front zipped portion to keep his bus-tag.

and when the bag is stuffed with khaleef’s school books and his sweaters, it really DOES look like an angry bird! hihi.



* * *


incidentally, this bag-hunting started earlier, with a very choosy khaleef who insisted in telling us what is ‘too girly’ and what is ‘okay for boys’, or else ‘my friends will laugh at me’. tsk tsk! he’s 6! and already succumbing to peer pressure!

what’s the rule he said? purple is a girl’s color! say what? since when? khaleef oii, bapak kau pun ade t-shirt polo kaler pink. shirt kerja pun ade yang color pink, kaler purple soft – and he’s still so hot and MANLY okay! haha.

but at least he’s not giving in to peer pressure in terms of demanding for the latest gadgets like ipad or psp – he just wants his stuff to be 'non-girly’. all must be strictly for boys and men!






a friend of mine quipped that this is just the beginning of a l---o-------n----g line of complaints and demands and preference of all things cool and strictly boys. well we’ll see!


* * *




oh. by the way khaleef, mak found this old shot of you in 2008 during raya at bapak’s kampung – and surprise-surprise – you’re wearing PURPLE – and still looked so macho!

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