Sunday, December 11, 2011

MoKa & Marini : Purple Royal Wedding

sigh. here is the frustrating thing about living so far away from family – i’m missing all the fun stuff!

last weekend my cousin marini got married to her sweet-mocha ‘moka’ also known as khairul (yah same name as my husband haha) in a royally resplendent purple wedding. it looked like such a beautiful affair from the pictures i’ve seen on their facebook pages.

marini is the 2nd daughter of my mom’s sister, and this was one of the 2 weddings of the year for my family on my mom’s side – few months back, another cousin my mom’s youngest sis got married (here’s the post), and now this other cousin.

i missed both weddings, but i wish both couples a lifetime of happiness, love and passion!


a picture of happiness! the newlyweds with my aunt and family : from left – their first son-in-law firdaus, eldest daughter shina, the groom khairul, the bride rini, aunty na & uncle mi. sitting down from left – only son amin (super cute in bow tie!), and youngest daughter nayah



the solemnization : i gasped in awe – so lovely!


looking good! my newly wedded cousins – wani, rini, khairul & ijan



their pre-wedding photoshots – cuteness!


as usual when weddings come, i always thought of my own; and how far we’ve come together. alhamdulillah! may Allah grant rini and khairul many wonderful years together till they’re old and wrinkly, still holding hands. amin.

remember, the wedding is over – the marriage is the one that we look forward to, that we have to work for, that we have to cherish and uphold, that will last a lifetime…


transformed housewife said...

I know how does it feel to miss important days in your family. Mcm Knur dulu yg terlepas majlis kawin 2 org adik masa masih kat NZ.

Affieza said...

Happy Wedding day for ur cousin even you are not around, your prayer will always with them...jgn sedih2 ye kak..hehe

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