Friday, December 23, 2011

Kahfi Turns Thr3e

my 2nd son KAHFI KHAIRUL turns 3 this day. everytime your birthday comes, mak will tell you that :

  1. you were 7mths in my tummy when i flew with abg long on a plane from malaysia to dubai
  2. you were born in dubai hospital
  3. bapak was not with us in the labor room as he had to take care of 3-yr old abg long
  4. you were delivered by a really nice indian nurse (too many babies coming, docs were super busy!) who had worked in dubai hospital since day it opens (around 1983!). otai tu! otai tak otai – i didn’t need any stitches!
  5. while pregnant with you, mak craved indian food – and then you came out looking very chinese. hihi.


birthday boy is crazy about pizza, so on his birthday we picked one of the many pizza places in JBR (jumeirah beach residences) especially for birthday boy. nyum.


* * *


thanks for the wonderful well-wishes via facebook. you made my day! *smile*



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making it simple this year – just a little itty bitty blueberry cheesecake for the birthday boy


happy birthday sweetheart!


as of today, kahfi has been off pampers too for the past 2 months, and we’re so proud of him. he calls kazim as ‘baby’, and khaleef as ‘anong’. i suspect that he’s a chinese-looking italian disguised as my son haha, because he absolutely love spaghetti, cheezy pasta, pepperoni pizza – anything italian!

his favorite quote for the time being is :

“mak, what’s that? what’s that? what’s that?”

“not me, it’s abg long!” or “not me, baby!” – whenever he’s accused of something.


“what’s that noise?”

mak, bapak, anong, and baby kazim love you very much and may Allah bless with you many wonderful years ahead. easy on the naughty stuff ya!


Anonymous said...

how time flies..


amirah said...

happy belated birthday sweet little boy.. : )

Syigim said...

>> bapaknye, time flies when ur having fun ;)

>> amirah, thanks for the wish dear :)

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