Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kahfi’s Bday : Figaro’s Pizza @ Rimal JBR

my 2nd son kahfi just turned 3 and he LOVES pizza. he can eat two slices at one go, rest, and eat another one, and another one in the morning. hihi. so for his special day, we took him and the boys for pizza somewhere in JBR (jumeirah beach residences).



pizza napoletana, the pizza company, pizza express, papa john’s pizza – there are so many pizza places in JBR but we decided to try the italian figaro’s pizza that day. everybody together now – “fiiiiiiiigaro!” mesti rasa nak beropera kan hihi.

figaro’s pizza is on the first floor at the rimal JBR. you can even see its bold red signage as you walk along ‘the walk’ JBR.


i love the posters on the wall!



the interior is so red, haha – just like its signage. the inside is very spacious and so inviting. i love the red seats – big, sturdy, leather and looks kids-friendly – you know, one without any opening where a kid can fall out off, wouldn’t topple if a kid stood on it and it’s padded so it’s really comfy.

it’s cozy, relaxed; a family with kids could really hang out here.



* * *


its placemats have this sweet, romantic story that keeps you occupied while you wait for the pizza. ‘romano & juliet – a tale of real cheese and true love!’ haha


* * *


well, a pizza place is a pizza place. same stuff on the menu. what differentiates the pizza would be in the CRUST, combo of TOPPINGS and the CHEESE! going to a pizza place with the kids, we don’t even really need to look at the menu, since we basically know what the boys love most.


figaro’s pepperoni pizza


we quickly ordered the ‘pepperoni pizza’ especially for the boys. even if we wanted to go a little ‘wild’ and pick a pizza with different toppings or a little bit more than just pepperoni, the boys would just pick out the toppings they don’t want, and still ends up with pepperoni. so might as well get the plain ol pepperoni pizza for them!


birthday boy enjoying his pizza


it’s beef day apparently for us – since we got a second beef-based pizza


the crust is thick and soft, but personally i think their pizza are a little TOO SALTY. thank goodness i had my plate of mixed salad with me, from the salad bar. everytime i took a bite, i had to eat the coleslaw or potato salad together to add some sweetness. i couldn’t really eat the pizza on its own. it really is too salty for me.


mr. khairul ordered this hot chicken wings which looked like dry ayam goreng kunyit to me! however, mr. khairul said he really shouldn’t judge chicken wings by its look because they tasted quite delicious. i tried one but it’s so spicy! too spicy for me, but mr. khairul enjoyed every bite.



i was suprised that they brought out a plate instead of a bowl for the salad. they really don’t want people to pile up on the salad, huh? hmm, no matter – i still tried my best to pile on the coleslaw, potato salad, lettuce and mix veggie on my little plate. haha! and i actually finished everything on my plate, okay! so people like me should get bowl next time. hihi.

btw, i would just like to add that i LOVE coleslaw, and i think figaro’s pizza did really well with their coleslaw – it’s lumpy in a good way, it’s not too dry and not too watery – just nice. loved it! and it’s a good thing i have it to complement the salty pizza!


the salad bar


mr. khairul’s lime mint drink


* * *



figaro’s pizza is in rimal JBR ok, if you wanna check it out.

as for me – well, i love figaro’s pizza coleslaw, but with all the other pizza places around JBR, i doubt if i would come again. this is a great place to hang out as a family with small kids, but please amend the amount of saltiness of your pizza! thank you. hihi.



sigh. gimme domino’s or pizza hut anytime…


Hidayah Ismawi said...

salty eh? the pics looked so mouth-watering.. Pizza Hut nowadays doesn't seem as nice as it was.. I dunno.. maybe when we were kids everything tasted delicious coz everything was a treat.. now that we can afford to go.. we get picky about our food .. hehe.. either that or the quality really is going downhill ;)

amirah said...

nasib baek ada the salad kak..

nELitA. said...

Oh happy birthday, little pizza boy!

Liz Rohaizat said...

Little Kahfi, happy birthday!!

too salty? saya suka Domino's Pizza. Pizza Hut dah tak layan. lagi suka thin base. barulah boleh menikmati topping dengan sebaik-baiknya

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, the pizza really looks good and delicious actually if it wasn't for the extra salty taste! ;)

i agreen completely - didn't think of it that way before. betul jugak kan? when we're younger, any food outing is a treat :)

>> amirah, nasib coleslaw tu sedap :)

Syigim said...

>> nELitA, thanks dear for the wish :)

>> liz, thanks :)

haha comel nk nikmati toppings. kak pulak mmg suka crust tebal2 :) sini pun domino's the best. tp kdg2 suka jgk pizza hut sbb crust dia tebal betoi ;)

Irfa said...

salam kenal..dri blog Liz
kami anak beranak mmg penggemar pizz.dulu pizza Hut skrng beralih arah kepada pizza dominos ;)

comelnya anak2 awak

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