Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Monster @ Burger Fuel, JBR

boasted as ‘new zealand’s original gourmet burger’, we decided to give it a try on a nice weekend night at the walk, JBR (jumeirah beach residences). since the closing of hardee’s in amwaj next to KFC, JBR really needs a good ol burger place to balance the scale – there are too many pizza place in JBR!



this branch of burger fuel is situated in bahar building of JBR, right next to a cafe opposite hilton jumeirah. be on a lookout for purple signage and neon lights!


the weather was so fine, we preferred dining outside in the cool dubai air.


the restaurant is spacious inside, with minimal usage of colors so it kinda looks like a bare loft – which is cool, and urban. the washroom is upstairs, with more seats too. however, the weather is so fine now that it’s winter in dubai, so we decided to eat outside.



like chilli’s and TGIF, the kids get coloring papers featuring the typical burger and fries character with a cute face and a box of coloring pencils. sure kept the boys busy while we waited for food to arrive.



* * *


this is a burger place. so you’ll get an assortment of beef burger and chicken burger in their menu. there’s also a list of veggie burgers for the vegans. for sides, there’s this pumpkin thingy called ‘motobites’ which is really a cute name, and this chicken-based finger food called ‘chicken fenders’.


we ordered ‘chicken fenders’ for the boys. according to the menu, it’s ‘char-grilled chicken tenderloins seasoned with garlic and rosemary sea-salt’. my, my what a description! and all i want is just chicken nugget! haha. it looks so fancy too!


this is the ‘chicken fenders’ – the seasoning taste good, but i just don’t prefer white meat, so i didn’t like the texture that much. bahagian dada, tak best! in my opinion, it’s very pricey for just 4 small pieces of chicken bits. they should at least throw in complimentary fries, or cola!


the ‘BF monster’ burger is ‘1/3 new zealand ground beef, melted cheddar, sliced beetroot, beef bacon, salad and relish’. also in the burger is – get this – mango and avocado! OMG. mango? in a burger? seriously! i’ve eaten burger with pineapple when i went to the universal studios singapore, but this is really the weirdest combo in a burger ever!

mango? what!

an typical of mr. khairul, he would go to the weirdest dish in the menu. so this was his choice. he absolutely LOVED it! i tried a bite, and there was this explosion of taste in my mouth – so many things going on. but the tender juicy beef patty certainly overwhelms everything else. a delicious treat.



i ordered this one – the ‘cn cheese’ burger is essentially ‘1/3 pound new zealand ground beef, with melted cheddar, grated parmesan, salad and relish.’ when i read the menu, this burger got me at MELTED CHEDDAR and GRATED PARMESAN.

the bun is soft and fresh, the texture of the beef patty is just right – juicy and tender. it’s just a simple cheeseburger with a fancy name! it’s delicious, but i agree with mr. khairul, if you wanted plain ol cheeseburger, you can get one from mcdonald’s or burger king. since you’re at burger fuel, why not try all their other kiwi burgers with ingredients that are uniquely theirs.

next time, eh?



as you’ve noticed at burger fuel, burgers are served in paper bags (with the name of the burger) to your table, and you can request that they cut your big fat burger in half. also, they include this DOOFER – this paper thingy when folded and fastened together –


…it becomes a holder for your burger when you put it down! this is the first time i see such a thing – interesting! the friendly and helpful staff helped us to fold it. thanks for not judging us first-timers haha.


we get these dips for the chicken fenders and the fries. we can choose from these two – fresh lemon *aioli or natural yoghurt relish dip.

*aioli is is a traditional sauce made of garlic, olive oil, and (typically) egg


i LOVE their fries. these ‘spud fries’ are big and fat, just the way i like it. HOWEVER, burger fuel doesn’t have any set meals, so we had to order drinks and fries on the side. pricey, pricey!


we ordered mineral water, and this heavenly chocolate malt shake. it comes in this tall paper cup and taste so rich and cooling. i can’t even remember the last time i had a milkshake, so this was really a lovely treat. slurp!

the next time we drop by, i’d probably just get one chocolate malt shake, and try one of them motobites!



personally, burger fuel is one pricey burger place, but it’s still worth the dirham, unlike fatburger. what we pay, we get. check out this blog for more awesome pictures and a review of burger fuel.


amirah said...

menariknya burger dia..!!seriously nak cuba yg pelik2

Syigim said...

amirah, mmg menarik tp kak xsuka cuba yg pelik2 ni. hihi...

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