Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jinn Interrupts Phone Call During Talk Show

is this real? watch the video. judge for yourself. i must warn that this video contains clear vocalization of what seemed to be the 'jinn' interrupting a phone conversation between an ustaz and a female caller who wanted to seek advice about a jinn problem she was currently having. to me, memang seram ya amat!

this video is taken from the talk show 'roadside2Islam'. during the talk about 'the unseen world', a female caller sought advice about her problem - an unknown person sent her an item which resulted in her being possessed by a 'jinn'. she was supposed to testify in court, and the 'jinn' was sent to 'block' her from testifying.

during this phone conversation, the 'jinn' interfered twice - in low voice, and the second time with a seriously creepy laughter. i love how the ustaz in such a cool and calm manner recited surah from the Quran, and had firm interactions with the 'jinn' in reminding 'it' of 'its' Creator.

i myself am very glad that i watched this in clear daylight, because it scared the heck out of me. staged or not, real or acted out - this video taken from the talk show 'roadside2Islam' is definitely fascinating.

i never personally face a person who is possessed; just stories from few friends who had been to boarding schools and related their experiences.

whether this video is real or not, it demonstrates the ways in which to tackle jinn, as jinn is also a creation of Allah, and its existence is real. keep reciting zikir whenever possible, and don't forget your 'bismillah' before any tasks or before entering a place. may we always be under the protection of Allah from any harm. Allah knows best.


nurbeena said...

Subhanallah...seram jugak ...

Sparkly Sharky said...

Memang seram. My husband faced the same problem with 2 of his college students 3 weeks ago. The 2 sisters had 'saka' in them passed down frm their great grandma. Imagine the huru-hara when the girls kena rasuk sampai kena panggil ustaz to get rid of the 'jinn'.
My husband said it was like in the 'exorcist' film je.

lina said...

salam syigim , kak lina dh tengok this video.. seram...Allah hu ALLAH Astaghfirullah...ttp kak lina tak tahu mcm mana nak upload ke blog bila dah upload tak boleh dengar balik...ngeh..ngeh..Tq syigim sharing very touching video in deep...yes it is happened ever where...

Syigim said...

>> nurbeena, mmg seram... nasib baik tgk masa siang hari

>> sparkly sharky, i've heard of saka - my bestfren's front door neighbour will be heard 'arguing' with someone late at night... creepy! must be quite an experience for ur husband!

Syigim said...

>> kak lina, seram kan! esp masa gelak mengilai tu... xtau pulak nape kak lina xboleh dgr balik ye. cuba upload dr youtube skali lagi ok kak. good luck!

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