Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Service ‘Massage’–Really?

if you get THIS name card slipped under your door, would you be interested to get one? hmm, let’s look at the card, shall we –

  1. it’s from a MASSAGE CENTER. ok, interesting. my husband has been complaining of back-ache and sores after riding through the desert the other day, so a massage would be a good idea to relax him.
  2. it offers HOME SERVICE. wah, ini sudah bagus. my husband and i do not need to drive all the way to (hmm, surprise, surprise – NO ADDRESS GIVEN – oh well), the masseuse can come over to our house! wah.
  3. ok, there’s a HP NUMBER given. right. and then look at the picture.



key words : massage. home service. and THAT picture. could they BE more suggestive? cover-cover la sikit weh. lepas amik gamba ni, terus buang name card tu!

sorry lah honey, tunggu balik malaysia cari pakcik tua kerepot yang terer urut lagi afdal. hihi.


* * *


here in dubai, it seems so easy for people to invade our homes by slipping flyers, take-out menus and name cards under the door. i’ve even gotten hand-written notes like, ‘need maid? i’m available, call 050-XXXXX’ or ‘maid available for hourly cleaning’.

i appreciate the take-out menus, because even if i’m not interested to order their food for delivery, my boys just love looking at the food pictures and pretend their at a restaurant. we can have a little roleplay there.

but merepek advertisement like the above name card, shame on you.


* * *


name cards are small, and there’s limited space where you can put pictures to let people know what you’re all about. however, let me just try and help them out by googling some of the more acceptable photos they can use for their name card next time.


‘relax’. says it all.


put ‘decent’ and presentable pictures of your pretty professional massage therapist.


give ideas and visuals of aromatherapy used in your massage services


..and this is simply THE CUTEST!


(images are from google. you should be flattered that i took your picture, because i’m showing the examples of better pictures to put on a name card! thanks! hihi)

well, to the ‘massage center with the chick in an unnecessary unrelated pose’, i hope this list will help you improve your name card in the future. thank you.


QiStinA's said...

kalau dah gmbr cenggitu syigim...baik lupa kan je kan??? he..he...marabahaya tu...

Liz Rohaizat said...

tu lain macam punya massage je. haih kak, kat KL ni pun kena berhati-hati. nama je spa tapi ada tawarkan khidmat yg bukan2. kdg2 nak bagi suami pegi berurut pun risau. better suruh wife urutkan je. x pun pegi brickfields tu, ramai tukang urut buta kat tepi jalan

Syigim said...

>> kak moi, mmg merbahayaaaa, tu psl cepat2 buang name card tu sblom khairul jumpa haha

>> liz, jgnkan KL... kat taiping pun my husband penah ade yg tanya, mau extra ka.. aiya.. :P

Affieza said...

Hmmm seram pun ade...blh percaya ke ni??

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