Thursday, April 14, 2011

Khaleef Found Dinosaur Fossils!

boys and dinos are inseparable.

it’s a complex relationship that we would never understand. how could these massive reptiles that roamed the earth hundreds of million years ago possibly be COOL? i mean, they see a cicak pass by and they don’t go – awww awesome! it must be the size, or those ‘extra-parts’; protruding backbones, or having three horns, or a metal-like ball at the end of the tail – and the claws, razor sharp teeth and the roar!

if they were to exist together, sure they could hang out with the herbivorous triceratops, or hitch a ride on the towering brontosaurus – but they would definitely be yummy appetizers for the mighty t-rex!


khaleef & his new friend the stegosaurus


since khaleef LOVE dinosaurs so much, i bought him a dino excavation kit – and he could pretend to be a paleontologist – complete with a block of dirt where the dino bones are, brush and chisel!



he was supposed to work through chiseling the block of hard dirt and gently brushing away the excess in order to get to the fossils. the process is supposed to be painstakingly LONG, but worth it.

yeah, right. khaleef wanna wait THAT long? i don’t think so.

there is a ‘cheaters’ manual inside the box (haha). so i submerged the whole block of dirt into a bucket of water, let it set for a few minutes and it will just crumble to reveal the dinosaur bones!



it was pretty exciting seeing bits of the dino ‘fossils’ emerging from the dirt! main tipu pun main tipu lah! haha. since the dirt is already soft and crumbly, it’s easier for my junior paleontologist to dig through and get all the dino parts.



halfway through, khaleef decided to put on a creative cap and takes his green soldiers to ‘guard’ the dino bones while he takes a rest.

the green beret looks so cute standing on the block of dirt, against the bones. he role-played for awhile before continuing his ‘excavation’.



when all the bones had been ‘recovered’, i washed them off the dirt, and khaleef began to put the pieces together like a puzzle.



the end result was pretty cool. the parts didn’t connect so securely though, so i think we need to use UHU glue or something to keep them together.

siap kasi backdrop lagi!



this is NOT a paid advertorial guys, haha but if you’re looking for some fun for your science-geek kiddos, i got this at geant ibn battuta mall for a surprisingly cheap price! there are other science kit, like building your model of the solar system and stuff like that.

i’m probably getting another dinosaur!



what khaleef learned from this activity :

patience : he was very, very patient. not only did it take so long for him to chisel his way in, he was also asked to take this out ONLY when both his brothers are asleep, or else they might step on the dirt and habuk or he might lose some dino parts!

what a paleontologist does : he might not be able to pronounce the word yet, but he has a rough idea that there are people out there whose job is to find, and dig up dino bones so he could learn about them in school!

stegosaurus : a herbivore dinosaur with the very recognizable tail spikes and plates. its name means ‘roof lizard’, and it exists about 150 million years ago. how big is it? it’s 9 meters long, and 4 meters tall!


* * *


i feel like watching ‘jurassic park’…


transformed housewife said...

i guess Fathini would love to have this kind of thing too! Maybe this is a good idea for the coming school-holiday-activity for us. Thanks Syigim!

ICA said...

Syigim, I baca and was wondering about the 2 other heros of yours...then baru tau yg they were asleep while Khaleef main with dinosaurs... wonder what will happen if super cheeky Kahfi join in as well??? eeemmmm..... :))

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Growing up learning is really such great fun!
Nowadays, kiddos are lucky 2 learn thru d ingenuity of both their educated loving parents & d enterprising manufacturers.
Those days, it took great creativity on the part of the kiddos themselves ... but my! the fun were real thrillers! :)

amirah said...

inseparable..?erkk..hehe..nasib baik adik2 khaleef tak join sama kan kak, kalo tidak i wonder how the fossil looks

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, the fun is in pretending to be a paleontologist, and finally putting together the bones :)

>> ica, mmg betul ckp i, once kahfi bgn je n found the bones, trus khaleef mengadu kaki dinosaur dah hilang sebelah! :P

Syigim said...

>> kak G, i agree!!! when i was a kid pun we turned sofas upside down to make a haunted hse, or susun2 sofa cushion to be a foxhole...we dont need xbox n expensive toys! :)

>> amirah, kaki dinosaur sblah dah hilang pun. si kahfi buat.. :P

Nia said...

haha,..hari tu i nyaris beli ni Syigim, sebab i sendiri yang nak main. Sehinggalah en.suami angkat kening dan mengeleng2 kan kepala. tak jadi beli terus..huhu..

Syigim said...

nia, biase la mak-mak mmg kadang yg over dr anak2 hahahahhaha... :P

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